Thursday, January 06, 2022

Stitchybox Enchanted Forest

Lots of little bits in this one. I like the colors and will get some of it done. Soon. I promise.


Puppies In The Sun

Grayson out on a walk and Carol on the upper balcony looking out on a nice spring day.


The Albanian Treaties

This mural is about the gathering of Albanian patriots to throw out the Ottomans. It worked for a while.


Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Five Down, Three To Go

Jupiter's finally done. Time to work on Saturn.


Had To Start

This was a pattern Tracy released to her freebie page, and I decided I had to start it. It will have owls.


Bits Of Four Gates

I am almost all the way around on this. It's time to get cracking.


Little Elephants

Leonora gave me these cute little elephants she found in a store while poking around. The now stand on my cubicle's edge in a straight line and cheer me up when I'm at work. Thank you, Leonora.