Sunday, February 13, 2022

Happy Bois

Grayson and Chad doing some of the things they love to do best.


On The Road - Meteora

This first couple of photos are the "punishment" cells of the monasteries. They haven't been used in a couple of decades. The rest of the photos in this set are of the various monasteries from a distance. We did a morning tour and an evening tour. These are all from the morning tour. It was beautiful weather.


Monday, February 07, 2022

A Little Motif

This was one of Tracy's patreon patterns. I have a lot of them and are trying to get some done. Not sure if this will be a needle book or an ornament.


Cave Of Scarves

This is the first cave you see on the road from Kalampaka to Meteora. The cave has a bunch of scarves because once a year women hang scarves there in hopes that their problems will be solved. Not at all sure why this would be a good idea...


Half The Words

I have more than half the words done. Yay progress!


22 For 2022 #3: Morning Glory by cozyblue

Not at all sure I like this design with the solid flowers. I would have preferred to have the choice myself. Ah well. I'm seed stitching the printed flowers to give some texture and doing the rest.


Lunar Base

New game, now we need to find time  to play it.