Friday, November 17, 2023


My little bay leaves are framed. I think this is the perfect frame for it. Thank you, Luca-S, for the kit.


Mystery Boxed

I -like- bags. I like bags a lot. So I decided to order a mystery box from Portland Leather Goods. This is what I got. Definitely keeping all but the golden bag.


Zenpop October

They have been putting more art stuff in the stationery box lately. Kind of neat.


Begging Chad

Chad always hopes for treats in the kitchen.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

German Treats

The game is lame, but there were a lot of treats in this box. Surprisingly, no Haribo!


Baker's Twine for Finishing

The only thing I could find to buy at this chain craft store in a bad neighborhood in Manchester was baker's twine. So very lame.


Already Square

All four corners of the piece are stitched. This is small so it will be done quickly.