Saturday, March 30, 2024

Top of a Wing

Working on a wing getting to the top. I think it is now. Only a tiny bit of the second wing done.



My little panda has a full forehead now. It's time to work on a few more leaves.


Half a Square

Another little Ink Circles mandala square in process.


Tailing Along

 Going along on the bottom of page four. The peacock tail is coming along, but soon I will switch over to the peahen.

Gift from Donal and Lisa

Lisa and Donal sent us a great little Christmas gift of tastes from home. Thank you so much!


Gifts from Leonora

Leonora brought back a bunch of cute things for me from Kosovo. I have the pencil holder on my desk at work already, and am going to use the rest soon. Thank you!


Gifts from France

One of Andreas' employess is actually from France, even with his Polish last name. He brought back these bottles for us. Black currant wine and rum. Yay! Thank you John, it's great.