Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Naked Tree

The Christmas tree without the ornaments.


Sooo Tired

Grayson lays under Andreas' desk and pouts when Leonora is gone. 


Skunk Pillows

My little skunks are all finished up now. These were the materials from the kit that came with. They look cute.


Moving Toward the Front

I am filling in the neck area back to front now. It's going to be finished soon and I will be soooo glad.


First Story

Now that the words are done, I'm starting the hovel. It's got a roof.


24 for 2024 #11: Indian Head Buckle by Carol Hedge Baird and Faith Clary

This is a series of Western belt buckles. I've done several, and it's this one's turn now.


Monday, February 26, 2024

24 for 2024 #14: Holiday Labyrinth Ornament by Carolyn Manning

A little freebie ornament to start because I need some small pieces.


24 for 2024 #10: Henna Mandala by Ink Circles

This will be another bright India-inspired mandala from Ink Circles when it's done. Complete color changes, as usual. 


24 for 2024 #6: Gushing Oil Derrick by Patt and Lee Designs

This is part of a Texana series that came out last year. Getting around to it. Should be a fairly quick stitch once I get the derrick done.


Shawl from Stephanie

Stephanie brought me this beautiful shawl from Ecuador. It's so soft! I love it.


Totally for Andreas

I have this framed for Andreas to put up somewhere. It's sitting there waiting for him to decide where. I think I did an okay job of framing it.


Not Quite American Food

While Jeff's Diner has the atmosphere down, the food is disappointing for an American vibe. Everything is just - off. The nachos were sad. It was such a disappointing experience.


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Needlepointer Subscription Box

The Black Needle Society boxes were too full of liberal politics and had too few stitching items, so I've switched to the Needlepointer box. It comes quarterly and includes a full needlepoint kit and other things. I am much happier with this.


Heart Framed

Andreas didn't straighten the heart charm before taking the photo, but it's framed now. I am getting lots of these things done and out into the world.


24 for 2024 #22: Green Argyle Mini Bauble by Eye Candy Art

Decided I should start some of the series I am subscribed to. This will be a very quick stitch once I put it on stretcher bars. Decided not to for the start because I don't know when I will get back to it and I don't like sagging.



Doing the underarm area and the mouth at this point. I feel it's slow going, but not as slow as the horizontal frog.


24 for 2024 #20: Fragrant and Fluffy by Luca-S

This is going to be a bit of a beehive when it's done. It's medium sized, so shouldn't take too very long.



Grayson chewing on a rawhide stick as he misses his Leonora. He would be so much happier if she were here, he thinks. He did, however, finish the treat.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Rangers Canvas

This was ordered along with the other canvas from Chaparral Needlepoint in November. It finally got here a couple of weeks ago after my wonderful husband bugged them repeatedly. We will not be shopping there again, despite them having a lot of great Texana. Can't trust them to ship.


In My Work Stocking

Santa was very good to me at work!


24 for 2024 #7: Dream Garden by Just Nan

This is another larger piece that has been in my stash for quite a while. Hopefully it gets farther than this soon.


24 for 2024 #8: Crescent Pincushion by Hillside Samplings

This is going to be a honking huge pincushion if I stay with the name. It really should be called a small handbag.


24 for 2024 #9: Compass Rose by cozyblue handmade

Lots of stem stitch here to do, but it shouldn't take too very long.


Random Polish food

Considering what this is, it could be from any of a dozen restaurants I can think of. Anyway, Andreas enjoyed it.


Friday, February 16, 2024

Thought of Kerrie

When I finished this, I immediately thought Kerrie would like it. So I sent it to her.


Yes, More Purses

Two out of three are zippered; I wish PLG would give us a zippering option. Anyway, it really was bought in 2023, so these aren't new now, right? Bought a backpack too on the almost perfect sale, and I do like the littles.


24 for 2024 #17: Bliss by Just Nan

I am trying to clear out some old charts and make them, so this was started this time. It's been in my stash for a loooong time. It will be a bit of a stitch because it's fairly big.


My Little Well

Is done in some funky colored stone this time.


24 for 2024 #23: A Total Waste of Make Up by Lizzie Kate

This should also be a fairly quick stitch, and a bright one.


Sheraton Perq

Because we've made platinum status, when we check in to a Marriott property, we get a nice little gift of some sort. This was from the Sheraton Grand Krakow.


Thursday, February 15, 2024

24 for 2024 #12: Annie's Garden by Carriage House Samplings

This is a fairly big piece, though not a whole lot of coverage. Will wait to see when I pull it out. Other pieces are definitely ahead.


24 for 2024 #15: You Can Touch the Dust by Lizzie Kate

This should be a fairly quick stitch, so I will probably pick it back up soon.


24 for 2024#2: White Pumpkins by Mill Hill

Another start with more cross stitch than beading. This is almost full coverage, so it will be slow going.


Circle Purse

One more bag to add to my collection. I will use it soon.


Skinny Christmas Tree

I finally gave up on having a real Christmas tree in the house. After 15 years, Andreas still had not budged. So, since I loathe normal fake trees, I got a fake birch and put ornaments on it instead.


Krakow in August

Photos from our last visit to Krakow together in August. We will be going back next week. Yes, it was a bit cloudy and rainy. The top photos are from the cafe at the top of the music school.