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Monday, September 18, 2023

Rest and Walkies

Puppies resting and out on walkies. They like both, even in the rain.


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Teaching Them to Talk

We are trying to teach the dogs to talk through buttons. The main problem right now is that the buttons lose their recordings. Andreas is supposed to contact the company to get that fixed. So they only talk now the way they have been all along.


Saturday, August 05, 2023

Monday, July 31, 2023


Chad, Andreas, and I went cherry picking. Chad liked the new area, but was belligerent to the barn cat. This place had -so many cherries- on every tree. I will be going again next year after I run out of dried cherries, brandied, cherries, cherry pie filling, and frozen cherries.


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Chad enjoying a walk. And getting tired in the process.


Wednesday, July 19, 2023

In The Great Outdoors

Lounging on the balcony and wandering around the neighborhood, the puppies are living their best lives. Chad is so much better with his allergies since he's been getting his allergy shots.


Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Watch Dogs

Carol and Chad watching the street close by our house. They are so photogenic.


Monday, March 06, 2023

Thursday, March 02, 2023

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Cone of Shame

Carol was having none of the cone of shame. I think she wore it for all of 15 minutes despite her swollen snout.


Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Carol Drives

Carol always wants to be in charge. This is after a vet appointment.


Thursday, January 19, 2023

Monday, January 16, 2023

Settling In

Puppies in the new house getting comfortable. I think they knew the Sheraton wasn't their real home and were happy to come to a better place.


Sunday, January 15, 2023

In The New Home

The puppies relax on the deck of their new back yard for the first time. They love the place.


Friday, January 13, 2023

Hanging in the Hotel

So yes, the puppies learned how to relax in the Sheraton. They considered it as home for a while and truly adjusted well to the situation.