Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Little Squiggles

Bits of the inside of the right side virus done ... getting there.


Finally Turning the Corner

A quarter of the last part's cross stitching done. Yay!


More Hive

Lots of hive to do, but a few more rows done.


Oliwa Church Inside

Pretty typical church for the area. It has such clean lines on the inside. All the vaulting.


Baby Emily's Gift

She will be born in May. Her mom likes gray and loved this. I think it came out pretty well, too!


Lots to Do

I really need to clean out my craft area (again) so I can get some things done. Thank you!


Papier Advent Calendar

Have to say I was pretty underwhelmed with this one. Two nice pens, but no good paperclips, and weird sticky notes.


Gift for Stephen

Stephen left in December, but I sent this to him in January so he will always remember Warsaw.


Monday, April 29, 2024


I've made it to the top of the first wingtip. It's all downhill from here.



My panda has eyebrows and is beginning a face. Forehead complete. Time to work on a couple of leaves.


Penstemon All Done

Another little Patreon square done from Ink Circles. Not sure what this will become.


Oh, That Tail

It keeps going on and on and on...



Finished my very first needle roll!


Needlepointer Quarterly Box

Not sure about all the glitter, but I can see making this spaceship sparkle.


Mid Century Ornament Catch Up

They keep coming monthly. I will be starting a couple next month.


Oliwa Church, Sopot

This suburban church is known for its organ. The church itself is in red brick, as are most of Poland's churches.


Saturday, April 27, 2024

A Full Petal

I have one more full petal since I took this back up. The dragon -should- be making an appearance soon. I do have at least three more petals to go on this flower, though.


Not Quite Filled

I think the fillings on this border are almost done. There's one more layer to add in the center of the diamonds.


Framed Abbey

Melrose Abbey is now framed and ready to give away.


Marion Snack Swap

This got to me in January, but my husband's been bad about giving me photos. Marion really outdid herself this time. I love it. Thank you Marion!