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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Chateau Views

I decided it'd been a while since I posted about where I am living. It's the Chateau du Mont just outside of Beuzeville. This top picture is between the lines of trees in the front garden. There used to be three lines on this side, but the caretaker took out the outside line just before we got here.
This next picture is the view from the front door.

The fountain is supposed to be turned on Sundays in the summer, but it's got a leak, so it's only been turned on twice since we've been here. My husband took a lot of pictures last time it was on - on the Fourth. Yes, it's about the size of a fountain you'd find in a public plaza.

This is the view of the chateau from the first gate - yes, there are two. The first gate separates the property as a whole from the road.

The view of the chateau from the inner gate. It's rather imposing. Driving down the driveway's fun, especially right in front of the chateau. It's covered in about six inches of pea sized gravel.

I've liked living here, mostly. The grounds and house are beautiful, even if some rooms really need quite a bit of work. It's just hard dealing with the lack of privacy outside of your room. I like having a private dinner with my husband and son, and sometimes we get interrupted by people coming in and just talking to my husband, ignoring us eating dinner and ignoring that he's not alone. It also happens to me frequently when I'm listening to a friend and talking on the puter or listening to the news on my puter with my headphones. Someone will come in and just expect me to drop everything else I'm doing. Without those things, the place would be idyllic.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Rest of the Chateau Pictures

These were all taken pretty much at the back of the chateau. Did I mention that besides the garden, there's a separate bocce court? It's surrounded by a stone wall and pergolas with tables, benches and chairs. The place is gorgeous and I'm getting used to being in it. Today was beautiful weather and I spent some time stitching on the terrace.

More Backyard

Two more pictures of the back garden from the garden itself. One is the fountain from the side. The other is of a cute statuary bunny. The area is fairly large. The fountain area surrounded by the roses together is about ten yards square. The bunny's about two and a half feet tall.

Friday, June 01, 2007

My French Backyard

My husband's company rented a chateau for us for the duration of the time we're in France. It's less expensive than getting a dozen different hotel rooms. The pictures here are taken after the hail storm we had yesterday and after dinner, which places it about 8:30 in the evening. Sunset isn't until after ten.

These are three views from just outside the back door on the terrace. We have a formal garden and the fountain gets turned on on Sundays. The garden is also open to the public on weekends. The house in the background of the top picture is rented out for wedding parties and such. We're having dinner in there Tuesday night. A business dinner.

Behind the hedges in the second picture is a bocce court surrounded by pergolas with stone tables and chairs in them. Nice place to be outside if the weather cooperates...