Friday, October 30, 2020

On To Another Tree

Started in on the other tree on the third side. Slowly this is progressing.


This'll Do by Ink Circles - Work From Home #25

This is a new chart from Ink Circles, and I have now started it. Took some of the thread suggestions and not others. We'll see how it ends up.


New Finishing Technique

I finished this little Ink Circles piece earlier this year and decided to make it displayable. It's mounted on a 4x4 artist's canvas. It was quick to do and straightforward. I think it came out looking pretty awesome.

Lunch At Nuovo Monte

This restaurant is at the foot of the hill with the Novo Brdo fortress on it. I had contacted them and they offered lamb. I didn't realize it was a whole lamb... there were eight of us. The rest of the meal they put together for us with only mild suggestions from me. It was all wonderfully delicious. We brought a lot home.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Two Half Leaves

Two leaves started now, and it's all the way as wide as it needs to be.

Patriotic Hearts

These are the four patriotic hearts by Gay Ann Rogers. At some point soon, they'll be in the work from home list. I'm looking forward to making them.


Ink Spot #17: Pressed Flowers by Ink Circles - Work From Home #27

Another Ink Circles start. This one was another Patreon exclusive, and my color choices. It's supposed to be a bookmark.


Novo Brdo

The pod went to Novo Brdo for lunch and sightseeing early this summer. Yes, there were clouds. Thankfully, it didn't rain.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Spikes And Spikes

More and more spikes on this. Surely I will run out soon? At least I'm getting this helmet's outline done.


Lots Of Squares

This is looking pretty nice. I'm working on the outer squares now, so it will be done soon.

Birthday Gifts

Thank you to Andreas' parents! They sent me these lovely gifts for my birthday. The foil wrapped bits above are Hi Chews, but the box is beautiful and will be used long after the candy's gone. And an obi book, so I can learn about how to use the peacock one they sent me. Thank you!


Random Renaissance

Late 2019 meal at Renaissance. We've been back since the virus hit, but we're not going to be able to much longer because it's getting cold here, and outdoors is currently the only option for us.


Monday, October 26, 2020

On The Bottom Row

Yay, completely on the bottom row of the knots now! Soon I can fill in.


Two New Games

We had Terraforming Mars, but we sacrificed it to neighbors for lockdown. They just got us a new copy. And Andreas decided to get a war game.


An Eye!

The second frog has an eye. So does the middle one below the first, but we're not talking about him yet.


Random Last Year Dinner

This is a meal from Seasons at Otium Hotel. Since it's downtown, we haven't gone this year. Andreas believes downtown is a massive COVID sink. I'd like to go downtown. But, no. Food was good as usual, even though Seasons tends toward seafood.


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Byzantine Done

This piece came out pretty well. I used a Jodyri thread, and I like how it is.


Fab Fit Fun Autumn Box

Lots of things to work in the kitchen with, plus the usual self care AND a purse!