Thursday, August 26, 2021

Racing Stripes

The front of what should not be a hedgehog has racing stripes down. Almost have the top part of the mouth done.


Three Colors

Three of the six colors are visible now. I think this palette looks better than the first.


Fourth Staring

The top of the fourth frog's head is done, and he keeps staring at me. The spinner has not been kind to him.


Bed Repaired

Grayson managed to unstuff a lot of this puppy bed and made it unusable. Being the good dog mom I am, I stitched it back together with most of the stuffing inside. Chad approves.


Chad With A Sneaky Carol

When he isn't outside, Chad prefers to lounge on stairs. Carol likes to sneak up on him, too.


Athens Botanical Garden

These are photos of the botanical gardens downtown, next to Zeus' temple. 


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Almost Lettered

Two and a half words to go. I am getting to the last bits.


All Watered Out

My water dragons are done. Yay! Another medium sized finish crossed off the list!


Cabbage Rose

I am so sad! My local quilting store, Cabbage Rose, has closed its doors. I loved that place. Andreas, since I am on a stash diet, bought me a bit of stuff from their closing sale.


Investigative Carol

Carol in detective mode.


"Ancient" Track

This stadium was built for the first modern Olympics in 1896. It's very pretty, but I don't know why they call it ancient. It also looks uncomfortable to sit in for any period of time.


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Four More Done

Two more rectangles, two more squares done. Almost finished this row.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

On To The Eighth

This has been languishing unspinnered, but I did manage to mosey along to the eighth house.


Black Needle Society May Box - Rainbows

I was quite disappointed in this box for two reasons - it was very political and about Pride month instead of, you know, rainbows like it said - and it had a lot of filler and few actual stitching items. 


Back Garden Guardian

Grayson guards the garden and ensures nothing enters without his permission.


Temple of Zeus

One of the nice things about Greece in 2021 is the relative lack of tourists. You can actually see and do things and experience them fully without having to worry about swarms of people. This is the Temple of Zeus and a view of the Acropolis from there.  Things are quite accessible.


Tuesday, August 17, 2021


I am done with the top half's cross stitching, finally. Yay! Time to start working downward.

Happy Restart

I am much happier with this restart of Happy Berries. The thread glides smoothly and the colors are a bit different.


Fourfold Bounty Done

I would change up the greens to be stronger if I did this again, but otherwise it turned out pretty well.


Black Needle Society June

This was my June box. It came before my May box, and had a lot of cute things in it. I've used the tumbler and headband, even.