Friday, November 29, 2019

Terrarium Start

I started this in Colorado and had two little people help me put stitches in.

Rounded The Bend

Well over halfway now, and getting a bit more done in Texas.

Needlepoint Stash

We went to The French Knot here in Fort Worth. Andreas discovered the thread grab bags. He bought five. They're a good deal, full of silk and linen threads.

So It Begins

First Risk Legacy game played at the Jeters' house. Andreas won.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Peace Finished

This is all beaded. It didn't take very long. Time to make it into an ornament to give away in an exchange.

One Sword

Yay, the right sword is finished! I've got a lot more to do on this, but it's looking pretty good so far.

Well Trained

I now have Andreas well enough trained that he takes photos of his own food without me there. The burger and fries were from Sen5s on a weekend lunch break as he worked some of the overtime he's been doing for the move.

July 4th In Kosovo

For America's Independence Day, Kosovo put US flags all over Pristina overnight. These were in front of the new embassy. They also let us use the top of the Ministry of Defense to launch fireworks.

November Done

November is done now. Just need December.

Half An Ornament

I've got some more of this done. It's to the halfway point.

What's In Your Freezer?

We are on home leave and this is what's in our freezer. The plastic bag is full of French butter to bring home.

Picnic Fare

Lots of food for John Madden's going away picnic. Our contribution was a smoked brisket.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Animal Outlines

Both sides have outlines of animals now. Time to start getting more done.

Bits For Bits

A bit of the flat fabric and some of the trim became part of an exchange ornament. I want to make a strip quilt out of the jelly roll. Once I clean off my sewing area.


The bird now has a head and looks like the beginning of a bird. Yay! I like how it's turning out.

Kosovo Medieval Festival

This is a teeny tiny festival put on in Gracanica annually. The people who do it are a medieval society in town. It's still pretty dang neat.

Monday, November 25, 2019

More Owl Border

Maybe soon I will be able to stitch more than border on this. For now, it's all there is.

Kit Stash

Picked up these random kits at Joanns and Michaels while browsing.

Batty Batty

Seventh square is well started, despite some frogging. I've got batty bats.

Back To Etno Kuca

I cannot resist the call of Etno Kuca's teleca ciorba, so we went back.

Chapstick, Tea Style

Andreas has been hung up on buying me chapsticks this home leave. This set is from the Celestial Tea gift shop.

Filling In A Corner

I've gotten to a new part. The upper left corner is being filled in and I get to begin more colors again.

A Night At Seasons

Dinner at a place that's less than a year old in Pristina. It's called Seasons, and it's pretty good. They have lamb on the menu (photo above), and a lot of fish. They do steak pretty well, too.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Bricking In

Added more specialty stitches to the left hand house as the tree is still growing.

White Petals

I got some white petals done on the big flower on the left. Can't see well because - white.


Cards because I was beginning to run out!

Lunch At Te Halimi

Garlic chicken is a traditional Kosovo dish, and it tastes wonderful. Te Halimi is a restaurant that specializes in it. Most restaurants who do only serve this as an entree. It is delicious!