Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yet Another Temari

I taught this pattern too, and gave the results to Mary.  I think it came out pretty well.

Llamadas in String

 The two portrait oriented ones are smaller; the landscape is bigger.  We saw these in the market on our last Saturday ... and the movers still hadn't packed us out... Besides, the price was only 700 pesos for the set.

Cafe Martinez

Just a drink on a cold, rainy wet moving day at Cafe Martinez.  Andreas had a strawberry milkshake; I had a mocha cappucino.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Temari for the Lloyds

I used Wildflowers, a #12 pearl, for this temari.  It allowed me to get a bit more detail, and I like the combination of the overdyed threads.  I gave it to the Lloyds before we left.

More Souvenirs

Some little things picked up at Mercado del Artesanos.

Some Like Moving

...more than others.  Tux likes the boxes everywhere stage.

Pencils, Crochet Hooks, Pastels...

Things to put in these cases we found at Mercado del Artesanos.  One more set of stuff for the packers to pack...

Another Star

This one I made as I was teaching Meri the pattern.  I like the colors I used.  They're all regular DMC pearl cotton.

Last Dinner at La Pulperia

 Early in July, we had an accidental American flashmob at La Pulperia.  We took over the entire very  small place with about 25 of us.   Here's a picture of the interior, and the rest are of our dinner.  Yum!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Two parts Complete

I got the second part of my heart done, but I won't see it to do more until our air baggage gets here.  When checked yesterday, it hadn't left Montevideo.  Boo!  I hope it gets here early next week.


Can't leave Uruguay without some horn serving accessories... so they were bought as the movers didn't pack...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nice Cut

When we were out and about waiting for the packers, Andreas found this nice cutting board and knife set.  I think he bought it for the case, though.

The Flood

Just two weeks before we left Uruguay, there was a huge deluge.  In about an hour, we got three inches of rain.  Here, pictures of our never-before-flooded passageway.  It was the mess it looks in the pictures because we were getting ready to move.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Started the Second

Yay!  I started working on the second page of this design this week.  Real progress!

Asado, Welch Style

 Some pictures from one of our last asados.  As you can see, lots of food and some fun.  The silly man with the peeps is Saint, and, since it was just after Easter, we decided to try peep s'mores.  They were a bit ... messy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Salt Crystals

Little things you notice at the beach on a cold and windy day.  These were all taken on our visit to Atlantida in June

On the Border

Still working on the skirt's border.


This is the perfect frame for one of Andreas' photos.  He saw it at Hecho Aca and had to have it.

Last of the Prado

Just a few more random pictures from the Semana Santa rodeo and exhibition.  It was a fun outing.