Sunday, February 27, 2022

Almost Half Fenced

The second corner is turned. Time to get the smoke done.


Chili Pepper Background

All the red is done. Need to fill in the star.


Beautiful Gift

Leonora got me this rug for Christmas. It's beautiful! I love it and would be using it if Carol would stop peeing in the house. You can see Chad loves it too! Thank you Leonora.



Grayson makes himself comfortable on Leonora's bed.


View From Great Meteora

This is the view from just outside Great Meteora monastery, after climbing up to it. The monastery across is Varlaam. It shows the way the monasteries sit on top of the rocks.


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Spotted Squirrel by Ink Circles: 20 for 2022 #9

I got this kit from Ink Circles a few months ago. And now I have started it.


Breezing Along

Sea Breeze has a bit to go, but is looking pretty cool.


Rangers Purses

Andreas found these purses on sale. So he bought them for me for my birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas. I've been using them too. I love Dooney and Bourke.


One More Snowflake

Yet another tiny snowflake done.


Happy Boi

Grayson just hanging up.


Great Meteora Entrance

You get to this tunnel after going down a lot of stairs and over a bridge and then up more stairs. Once through this tunnel, there are still more stairs to go.


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Stars Purse

Bought this at the Christmas bazaar at the embassy. It's a cute little thing.


Limited Addition by Ink Circles: 22 for 2022 #19

I have no idea of what I am going to do with this when I am done, but it's started.


Little House In The Wildflowers: 22 for 2022 #7

Another start from cozyblue. I hope I get around to getting it done soon.


Striking Contrast

I can no longer imagine this as tone on tone. I think it looks much better with the bold contrast.


Nap Time

All our sleepy puppies. Chad truly looks completely relaxed. And yes, Grayson uses pillows.


Breathtaking Views

These are more photos from the side of the road in Meteora. Everywhere you turn, the scenery is spectacular. We were truly lucky to be able to go at a time when almost no one else was there.


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Last Three

I cancelled my subscription to Potomac Beads because I haven't had the space or time to work on them. I am hoping to have more time and space when we get to Poland.


Fourth Knee

Turns out I missed a knee on frog four right next to frog five, so it got done this time. Face is done on frog five, and now on to the little bit of throat shown.


Garden Mandala by cozyblue: 22 for 2022 #5

Another cozyblue start. This one doesn't have any of the problems of Morning Glory. So it will probably go well.


Yellow Diamond

This yellow diamond came out pretty well. Time to make it into an ornament.


Big Yawn

Carol either laughing or yawning. Either way, she's showing how big her mouth is.

Great Meteora

These two photos are of Great Meteora from a distance. This is the largest of the monasteries in the area.


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Petals Like Blades of Grass

Still gathering petals, but I'm to the bottom of some of them.


Bits Of Jupiter

One last giant planet to go. Jupiter is now started. Surprisingly, it has only three colors in the pattern.


Celebration by Mouseloft: #8 of 22 for 2022

I got this tiny card kit at Viking Loom while we were in York. And I finished it in York too. We thought it would be a good gift for our hostess as a small thank you.


Gift From Ranko

Ranko and his wife made this plum jam and gave it to me. It's wonderful, and I'm happy to receive it.


Happy Bois

Grayson and Chad doing some of the things they love to do best.