Monday, February 28, 2011

Start the Llamadas

 The Llamadas parade, held in the first half of February every year.  It's only comparsas, not the other groups that are in the Inaugural parade, so you just feel the drums in your bones.  We were on a rooftop and so weren't crushed by the crowd.  The first couple of pictures are of confetti and doodad sellers getting ready for the parade.  The rest are the beginning!

Winding Down the Row

Still working on this first row, but you can see that the next few will go faster, as there's some stitched on them too.  At least I'm more than halfway now!

Got Text

I've got letters!  This means it's coming along pretty quickly.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last of the Inaugural Parade

 We did leave the parade early; they were still going strong.

Just a shot of the condition of the street - lots of confetti around.

Small Bits

Small bits of progress on this.  I have the second acanthus outlined and the third started.  There is progress on the upper left corner too.  The buildings on the upper edge are done, and I am working on the background there now.

See the Star Done

It's done!  It took two and a half years, nearly, but it's finished.  I think it looks good and I will be making it into a cushion, I believe.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Next to Last...

I'm finally almost done with Inaugural parade pictures and can start on Llamadas parade pictures next week.  Here's a garish murga; most of the rest  of the photos are of Tronar de Tambores, one os the top comparsas (drums and dancing girls groups).  The little girl below still has energy to do cartwheels after midnight....

Since I got See the Star done, it's time to work on another stitchalong with Sticklounge.  So it's back to Quaker Star...

Done with the Middle

Finally,  I'm done with the middle building on the right!  Now on to the smaller ones on that side...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trash Strike and Poor Male Dancers

There was a trash strike here in December.  It was awful, with trash strewn all over the street.  This, of course, has become fodder for Carnaval.  One murga's gone a bit far in their depiction of it.

I don't know who was the costume designer for Feelings, a revista (dance group), this year, but I do pity the male dancers who had to wear these particular costumes...

On the Backside

I've started filling in the rest of the square.  The end is in sight!

Fourth Rectangle Done

It's not quite to the pattern in the chart, but the fourth rectangle of City Walk is complete.