Saturday, April 30, 2022

New Needlepoint

I came, I saw, I bought. This will be in the blue colorway when I get to it. Once this move from the nether regions is over.


Random Scarf

Trying to use up -some- of my yarn, I made this. It's from one ball, and it's done. Now I need to find someone to give it to.



There are a tail and a head here. I see them.


Fourth Round Started

This is part two - the fourth round - of the stitchalong for cosmos. It's beginning to take shape.


A Few Ecru Bands

The top part is done! Time to do more vines in backstitch.



More of St. Stephen's. All of these are openings of some sort.


Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Another Field Plowed

This one goes to the Shires as soon as it's ironed.


Round And Round

All the Jessicas and more to go...


All The Words

All the words done! Almost time for Mos Eisley.



Found these at the Embassy Christmas bazaar. We've been using them since.



I get all the metallics...


Inside Saint Stephen's

This seems a good place to rest. Certainly peaceful. It was good that we went when we did; we got to see everything without tons of other people galloping about.


Saturday, April 23, 2022

Various Ornaments

I haven't been able to do any finishing so far this year. I'm just been busy and stressed. But these three were finished at the end of last year and show three different techniques.


Parental Gifts

Andreas' parents sent us a box of Christmas presents. They got here on time; I am just that far behind on posting things on my blog. We are very grateful, and I plan on using the bag on our road trip to Poland.


New Design

Tracy at Ink Circles decided to try to design for variegated threads. This is the beginning of the result. I am one of the first set of beta stitchers, and we are supposed to use Cosmo floss. These are the first three of six colors.


Working Across

Still working across. One more swirl done, and time to look into the beak.


All Five Flags

All five flags are up, and the tops of all the huts, too. This one has not been getting any spinner love.


Views From The Road

All of these photos were taken from the side of the road, and every turn gives new, beautiful vistas.


Friday, April 22, 2022

All Texted

All the text is done. Yay! This means I am so very close.


One More Line

Another line of text and that part's done. One more band of flowers, and then Mos Eisley on the bottom.


Rounding The Third

The third corner is coming along.


One Small Step

Yet to play it, but we will be keeping it. Time to get some time.


Notebooks From Leonora

Leonora found these notebooks and gave them to us. I got the dogs, Andreas the game controllers. She knows us! Thank you much, Leonora.