Monday, November 30, 2020

It's Done

I managed to hoop this up. Still hate the colors, but it's done and will go to someone who likes them.


Jodyri October and September

This is the two month combined shipment from Jodyri. Time for me to use more floss.

At The Ball Park by Laura J. Perin - Work From Home #37

This looks like a Mexican blanket to me, in the colors I've chosen. It's almost halfway done already.

Vicki's Essence by Keslyn - Work From Home #33

This is an experiment with the colors. Maybe it'll be good and defined. Maybe not.


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunflower Pumpkin - Work From Home #34

This is a little Mill Hill kit pulled out of my stash to get done.

Vining Around

Vines and leaves and wine bottle. All look to be there.


Jodyri Advent Kit

This came from England in good time. Starting Tuesday, I get to begin opening!


Interchange Kit

The mail played havoc with this. It was mailed at the end of August and finally got to me at the end of October. But I -will- still do this Linda Kreinmiller kit.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Coffee Done

One more ornament done. I've got a sizable pile of stuff finished for Christmas.

Working Around

I've begun the circle around the sun's face. That means I'm that far down to being done. Lots of orange this time, too.


Flag And Shoulders

Working on the flag and the shoulder. Slow going.

Diamond Box Opened

There were fifteen items in this color box. I don't understand the pink and blue colors, but technically there are diamonds that color. Now to get something done with this stuff.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Back Of The Head

The back of the head's done. Now to start on the front some.


Missing Two Kinks

All but two of the curves on the knots are done. That means I'm almost to the filling in!


Cotton & Twine August

August's box took three months to get to me and was busted up when it got here. Nothing in the actual kit was damaged or lost. This will be started soon.



One good thing about this summer is that we had to find new restaurants and places to go to that were out in the countryside and adhered to social distancing. This was one of our finds - N'Katun. It's on the road between Vushtrri and Pristina. 
We are so glad we discovered it and will be going back when we can. We got a set menu - something we try to do whenever we go places. It's easier. One of our pod said this was the best beef she'd had in Kosovo. It, along with everything else, tasted wonderful on a beautiful summer day.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Smirky Frog

The green frog has a bit of a smirk. And its head is about done.


More Than Halfway

More than halfway through. This is a lot of stitching for such a small piece. Dense!


Ready To Go

The horse is ready to go to its new home now. If it's a horse!


Sushico Is Better Than Nothing

We used to go to Sushico. We've ordered from them since March, but the food doesn't survive transport too well. They also seem to not take as much care. It's sad. I miss eating places in person.


Monday, November 23, 2020

A Sneaky Piece

I pulled this out instead of the dragons when they were spun, so I worked on it a bit too.


Gapped Second

Gapped second dragon, with all the seaweed wrapped around. This is stitching up fairly quickly.


Cozyblue October

October's looks pretty. I hope to start it soon.


Vushtrri's Old Bridge

This bridge was built in the eleventh century. The river it crossed has since been diverted about half a kilometer away. One Saturday this summer, the pod went to look at the bridge. We were going to look at Vushtrri's castle, too, but it was closed.
Also, the first cattails I've ever seen in Europe!


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tenth Caged

Only two more squares to go! The tenth one is surrounded now. Please be nice, spinner.



The roses are in place now, and the top of the flag is striving for the pole.

Cotton And Twine September

I will get around to the toucan soon. For now, I'm working on finishes.


Smoked Poultry

Some smoked poultry from last year. Maybe we'll do more smoking once we move. Or when Leonora moves out. It's not as fun when you have someone you know won't eat it.