Sunday, June 16, 2024

Make Stuff May #9: Angel of the Pines by Ink Circles

A little ornament from a Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition. Decided I needed to do it, so I am.


Make Stuff May #27: Red/White Bird by Cosmo

Andreas shifted this photo way into yellow. The background is blue and the thread white. But it's started and should be cute as it gets done.


Make Stuff May #28: Teal Argyle Mini Bauble by Eye Candy Needleart

Another little ornament from the set started. These should be quick stitches when they're worked on next.


Slowly I Border

Little bits of border done. At least I'm doing some of the inner extra stitches at the same time to get them done. I feel so slow.


Met Up with Tamara

And she brought some good things from Moldova! Thank you Tamara! It was great seeing you.


Small Little World

Framed this up for Betsy to take home while she was here.


Purses and Smalls

I am currently using the red purse. Will be switching out in a day or two. Lots of littles that I use for different things. too. The festival bag (front purse) is too small and has a snap closure instead of a zipper. I carried it briefly, but will only use it when I am not carrying much at all and in an area without a lot of pickpockets.


Another Krakow Meal

Zurek and pierogi somewhere in Krakow.


Sunday, June 09, 2024


I now have a spigot on my beehive, and the mirror frame is a bit more defined.


Make Stuff May 2024 #1: Sunflower Seeds by Witch's Garden Crafts

Since I gave my first one away, I am making one for myself.


Second Wingtip

Second wingtip is started; now I can start working down on both.


Make Stuff May 2024 #2: September by Luca-S

This will have a bunch of sunflowers eventually. Right now, I'm happy I flipped the chart the right way after a couple of stitches.


Rynek, Krakow

Still part of the Krakow trip I wasn't a part of. Pretty evening photos.


Zenpop March

Another Zenpop box. Lots of pens, yay!


French Snacks

Nothing really spectacular in here. Will be going to France in October, though, so I will try real snacks.


Yarn for Another Afghan

I truly need to start this, but I also need to finish the one I'm working on first. Pretty yarn picked out by the mom.