Thursday, June 30, 2022

Finn by Mill Hill: Make Stuff May #22

 Got to have some small pieces to get done quickly!

Warsaw by Awesome Pattern Studio: Make Stuff May #20

I am in Warsaw now, so I guess I will work on it soon.

Tangled Fire by Ink Circles: Make Stuff May #9

The beginning of another Ink Circles. Kitted thread from Tracy; my choice of fabric from my stash.


Food Tour Last Stop

This place is right close to the quay in Thessaloniki and where we ended our food tour. Owner was a truly interesting guy and the food was great. Tour was loooong and marched us up the hill and down again.


Sea View

Looking through the wall of Castle Bacoli. Pretty. 


Odd Topiary

A running man tree? Is there such an oxymoron? Yet here it is.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


It's all done and pretty cute. It'll get finished into a small ornament.

September by Melina: Make Stuff May #22

This was one of the kits I bought in Bulgaria in 2008. It's now getting done, and maybe I'll get to visit Bulgaria again some day.




Sea breeze is done. I might make it into a biscornu. Not decided yet.

And The Food Tour

We took a food tour in Thessaloniki. It was given by an elderly man who just loved giving tours. So first stop was for some bougatsa. Everywhere we visited was a piece of his childhood.

Urns And Fish

Lots of black and red ware, including some fish plates.


More Walking Around

We walked randomly around Athens. We found a lot of sites.


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Scotch Stew by Melita Glavin: Make Stuff May #17

This piece was in Needlepointers and looked like a bit of easy fun, so I started.


Sapphire Snow by Mill Hill: Make Stuff May #16

Another little quickie ornament to work on. I hope to get some of these things finished.

Inside Sarcophagi

Some of the grave goods in Bacoli Castle are actual graves. These sarcophagi once had dead people resting in them. It's amazing that they're well decorated on the inside too.


Reflections on a Grecian Urn: Make Stuff May #15

Another Ink Circles start. The fabric isn't as green as in the photo, else I would be starting it over. It's much more an antique gold. Hope to get more done soon.


Italian In Greece

After a while, you get tired of the same food - even Greek. We opted for pizza on a terrace one night in Athens. It wasn't a mistake to do so.


The Rouga

We were recommended this restaurant by one of our tour guides in Thessaloniki. He was right. It was one of the best meals I had last year. And the wait staff was great, too.