Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Little Armadillo

My armadillo star is stitched up. Next set of starts, time to start another star.


Still No Panda

A way to go before the panda starts appearing, but I got more colored leaves done.


Bits of Rivaulx

Dawn told us about this beautiful ruined monastery; the boys were in school; so the three of us went to see it on a decent January day. Rivaulx is just outside York, and you can see how magnificent it looks in the late afternoon light.


Laaaaame Nachos

This meal was in Naples at the train station. The steak and burger were good, but the salad and nachos were so very lame. It's a chain that advertises itself as American.


Mini Submarine

We stumbled on the military museum in Athens and, of course, had to go in. This submarine was near the entrance.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

More Skirt Again

Worked more on the skirt. I -know- I'm more than halfway done, but it doesn't feel like it.


Beginning to Sheep

You can see where the sheep are or are going to be in this now.


Airplane Food

This curry is what Austrian served us on our trip to see Dawn last January.


Apartment View Naples

This was the view from our one night stay in Naples. The windows looked down over a shared courtyard area surrounded by apartment buildings.


More Agora

A little bit of the agora on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Saturday, November 12, 2022

Still Cornering

Still cornering on the right, with the left corner done. And the hand is filling up.


Hair Pieces for Marine Ball

Andreas surprised me with new feathers. He bought two because he couldn't decide. I wore one of them to the Marine Ball. It was admired.


Still Mouthy

One of the two gargoyles I'm working on still doesn't have his whole mouth. But the rest of him and his buddy are coming along pretty well.


Naples Student Food

When we arrived at our place in Naples, we were starving. So we went looking for food. Most everywhere was closed for some reason, but there was a student kiosk open. This is what they served. It was cold. It was nasty. And there wasn't a lot of other things to do in the area. So we decamped to Pozzuoli the next day.


Sunday Lunch in Athens

We ended our Sunday food tour at a place known for their lamb chops. Lots of families enjoying food together. And the lamb chops were absolutely delicious. So was the rest. But especially the lamb chops.


Thursday, November 10, 2022

From The States

Andreas sent some Legos to Lisa and Donal. In return, as a thank you, they sent us goodies from the States. Thank you!


Second Bud

This is obviously getting closer to done. The second bud is coming along, and the third bud is started. This should be done soon.


Halfway Point

I believe I am at the halfway point of this now. It's all getting more narrow from here.


Pasta Label

This is the label of the pasta factory we went to. I recommend it. 


Animal Photos

When we sat down for Sunday lunch, there were companions. And Andreas always takes photos of cats.


Wednesday, November 09, 2022


I have a half-starred armadillo to finish.


A Little Finish

This temari had been languishing undone for a while now, so I just sat down and finished it.


Floss in Warsaw

I found a little stitch store by my house. It has all the colors of DMC floss, so now I don't have to wait weeks. They have a huge selection of ribbon too. I am going to have to explore the tiny place more.


Old Drying Site

Just across the road from the new pasta factory is an old one. It's got a water mill and drying sheds. The area supposedly has the perfect climate and water for pasta making. The old one is in ruins, but you can see quite a bit of it.