Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Greek Drinks

All three of these bottles were gifts from our May visit to Greece. The sparkling was from Andreas' photography tour. The wine was me being all about Albania with the Albanian waitress. And the tsipouros was from our food tour in Thessaloniki. We go off to Greece again tomorrow - Athens, this time.

Stitch Maynia #22 - Wool Felt Mix Craft Kit Embroidered Heart by Corinne Lapierre

This should look cute when it's done. Got a good start so far.


Stitch Maynia #25 - Badgers from the Dawn of Memes by Ink Circles

This was another Patreon piece from Ink Circles. It's about that old, old meme ... back from the mid-nineties.  

Plum Blossoms

The plum tree last year. Bloomed a lot.


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

All Jarred Up

The little firefly jar I designed and made is now hooped. Now to find a spot for it.


Bits of Stars

Little stars and dots in the background getting filled in.


Bee Fu

There might be Bee Fu, but it does mean that this is closing in on halfway done. The spinner, though, has not been kind.


Comfort Is Subjective

Grayson does this kind of thing often.


Monday, June 28, 2021

Stitch Maynia #23 - Amber Waves of Grain by Gay Ann Rogers

This is one of a set of four hearts with the lyrics of America The Beautiful inspiration. Such small canvas (24 count congress cloth) will mean this will take a bit.


Stitch Maynia #15 - Wildflower Meadow by Hawthorn Handmade

Another surface embroidery start. This always seems to go more quickly than cross stitch.



I was running out of felt for backing and for things like needle books, so I bought some more.


Motoring Chad

Chad still loves his walkies, but now he walks with Carol and not alone.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Seeds Of Freedom Complete

Yay, a large project finished! This is done, and now I need to find a framer. I am hoping to get back to MolDeco some day.

Stitch Maynia #16 - Parsley by Luca-S

Another little herbal start. This one shouldn't take long, either.

A Cherry Finish

My little cherry garden is now a pillow ornament and gifted away.


Young Chad

The stairs are sill Chad's favorite place.