Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nearly Two

My schedule might make this slow going, but I've managed to square off one more rectangle and get almost to the edge of the second row.

Lookal Asador

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Luanda because it reminds us of somewhere else.  It's also got good provolera.  We went with someone else from the embassy and had a pretty good meal. We also got a view of the ocean included in the price.

More People Watching

There were a lot of people to watch at the Medieval Festival.  So many, in fact, that one of the local TV stations launched a drone to watch them.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Second Striping

I had extra red thread and no where to use it on the first side, so the second's started.

I Hate Confetti

More little scattered stitches and the spade of the tail's done.  Accomplishment!

German Airport Asian Food

 This meal was after we took a bit of a nap at the Frankfurt airport after having gotten exhausted downtown.  We still had a few hours before the plane.  The food tasted pretty good, but wasn't truly spicy.  What do you expect from Germany?  Anyway, I had a quasi-thai soup and Andreas had fried rice.  The restaurant had nice observation windows on the field.

Because ... Spiderman

Some people got into the medieval flavor of the fair, and some did not.  We were able to do just quite a bit of people watching.  Still not sure what Mickey Mouse and Spiderman were doing there, though.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Well Into Two

First motif done, second well started.  I think there are five total.

Frankfurt Alley

Of course there's a clock at the end of it.  This is close by the art museum and we saw it on the way from the river boat back to Konstablewache.

Medieval Moldova

Back to old photos.  These ones are of the second medieval festival in Moldova.  Even though this was more than two years ago, there hasn't been a third.  It was a lot of fun and a money maker.  I don't know why they quit.  Anyway, this is part of the opening parade.

Blue? Green?

The stitches that look blue here really are green.  I've gotten quite a bit more done on this since last time.

View From The River

Sitting on a boat and watching the city go by is a great way to recover from being exhausted.  We did this in Frankfurt and got a bit of a second wind during our layover.  The views were pretty good, too, despite the clouds.