Sunday, July 31, 2022

Wildflowers Done

I have another finish. Not at all sure I like the completed project, but it's another one done.


One More Curl

The top of the back is done. I've almost gone through a whole skein of floss at this point.


Kore on Display

The Athens archaeology museum has whole rooms of kore on display. Some are slightly different.


Wedding Fireworks

Casa Scola faces the other side of a steep valley. To get there you have to do these major switchbacks with a great pitch on cobbled road. Across the way is another town. The hotel in that town was hosting a wedding our first night there. Kind of pretty.


Friday, July 29, 2022

Casa Scola Food

Back in October we went to Italy and stayed at an agroturismo in Gragnano. It had a good website and supposedly a lot of features we wanted. Unfortunately, the hosts were abominable. The staff was surly and looked at you like you were an imposition. We were so very disappointed. This is the meal we had on arrival while waiting for someone to show up at the reception desk to check us in. Yes, it took that long to track someone to do it down. 
While the food was good, it wasn't that good. And the price was expensive. So it was the last meal outside of breakfast we ate there.


Some Crossings

The first sets of crossings are taking shape. This is another one that I brought with me for the temp quarters.


Little Green Blotches

You can kind of see the parsley leaves peeping out. More definition later.


So Much Inspiration

The final pot in this group is a truly famous one - it's even been on book covers. But this first, top pot is the one that caught my eye. Look at all the different borders for stitch inspiration! And the peeps!


Thursday, July 28, 2022

Russian Finds

A Lithuanian company had a sale on Russian kits, with the proceeds going to Ukraine. Needless to say, I had to support this. So all this is what I got.


Middle Finger

The middle finger is started, along with being all the way across on the piece. 


Bring Back the Goyles

I pulled this up to take with me over the time in the hotel. It's time to get it done. These bottom gargoyles are the last to be done. Soon. 


More Flowers

Andreas surprised me with another bouquet of flowers. I love the hydrangeas! And the big green balls are actually a kind of dianthus. Thank you, dear.


In Death, Everyone is a Pretty Boy

The Athens Archaeology Museum has hundreds of these statues, called "kore." They are memoria for the dead. And they all have the same figure and face. Creepy.


Monday, July 25, 2022


Another gift from my consular team at my farewell lunch. This I will use often.


Gift from IRM

I received a gift at Andreas' going away party. It's a copy of the mother figure found at an archaeological site in Kosovo. The thing is famous locally and has become a kind of icon of the area. I'm not used to receiving gifts from Andreas' section. It will always remind me of them.


A Restart

I had to restart this because it wasn't going to fit on the fabric. Now it will. I've already done this pattern several times and should have known better.


Creepy Flower

A quick little finish! This is what happens when I bring a limited amount of stuff along to do.


More Fanning

The fans were barely begun last time. They are coming along quite a bit more this time.


Gold Galore

Gold is quite resistant to the ravages of time. Maybe that's why there is so much of it found. I still can't believe the intricate detail on so much of this stuff. The Athens Archaeology Museum has displayed it well, too.