Friday, October 31, 2014

Winging On

I've been getting a lot of butterfly wings done.  It's looking a lot more three dimensional now.  I still have quite a bit to do, though!

Spouses Dinner At Grill House

Toward the end of September I went to an embassy spouses' dinner at Grill House.  My zeama and lamb chops were delicious, even if I did burn my hand on the very hot grill plate!  Sorry for the yellowed photos.  It was low light and my phone.

Back Outdoors

Back out of the hangar before entering another building of the airborne museum.  You see these little Daleks or R2D2's around a -lot- in Normandy.  They're markers of sites of the Battle of Normandy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On The Second Border

The second border seems to be going along quickly.  Maybe I can have it done soon.  Someone has already claimed it when it's done.

Wondering Into Winter

I picked this up again while in Krakow.  Got another little bit of the piece done and hope to have it done around Christmas.  It's a little slower to stitch on perforated paper.

Birthday Dinner At Tblisi

We ate outside on my birthday at the beginning of October and went to Tblisi, one of my favorite restaurants.  Instead of ordering appetizers and dinner, our dinner was appetizers.  The waiter approved, especially when we were able to eat the kinkali properly without instruction.  As you can see, the food was bounteous and beautiful.

Design, Patches, And Memories

 The architecture of  the airborne museum is interesting.  The first building is shaped like a hangar.  All of these photos were taken from inside it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dinner For Three At Pegas

Before returning her home from the airport, we took Yvette out to eat at Pegas.  Dinner for three on the terrace was a nice way to ease her back into Moldovan life.  As usual, Pegas had good service and exemplary food.

In The Plane

 The airborne museum has several planes used for parachuting in WWII.  Here's one, with mannequins showing the spacing.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Peachy

I have started to add some peach and some sparkle to the piece.  Now I'm going round and round adding orange!

Out At Torro

 One of the last opportunities for Friday evening terrace eating was Torro Grill in September.  We had eight people and a great time, including a meat plate, pickles, Italian wine, and steak!  You can even see Kate enjoying herself.

The Airborne Museum - Outdoors

 It was a lovely day to be strolling around the airborne museum last year.  We got these wonderful shots with history.