Sunday, May 28, 2023


This is how it turned out when I made my little cross into a cube. Better than I thought it would. 


I Painted Pottery

Leonora and I took a trip over Thanksgiving and visited lots of pottery shops. One of them let us tour and then make our own. It was fun, and I get to use the mug whenever I want.


So Much Skirt

So much skirt done and so much more to do. The flag is almost done, at least.


Back to the Left

Another row of stitching begun. Once I've got the chin in place, the width will go down considerably. I can't wait.


Beautiful Cheesecake

Leonora made this beautiful cheesecake for one of my colleagues' birthday. It was delicious and totally beautiful.


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Potomac Had a Sale

And I bought a lot of swarowski type crystals. Time to put them to use.


Tiny Portmeirion Boxes

When Andreas ordered some other things for our dishes, he snuck this in as a Christmas gift.


Make Stuff May 2023 #12: Autumn Wind by cozyblue handmade

Leaf outline on this done. It's going to be a lot of stem stitch going forward.


Make Stuff May 2023 #13: Anzac Poppy by Cross Stitch Lab

A little poppy freebie I hope to have done by Veterans' Day.


Make Stuff May 2023 #11: America America Heart by Gay Ann Rogers

This is one of a series of four hearts based on the song. Lots of little stitches on all of them.


Lunch at Kulla

Kulla is by downtown Peje. The food is a bit more traditional and less great tasting than Era.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Starting a Stitchalong

It's been a looong time since I've done a stitchalong, and I'm already well behind on this one. But it's space. And pretty. And I want to do it. The stitchalong is Wonders of the Hubble Telescope by Climbing Goat.


All Seeded

Sunflower Seeds is done. Every day I wonder what happened to the little old lady from Mariupul. I hope she made it out safely.


Make Stuff May 2023 #6: Purple Fish by Durene Jones

The fish is obviously not purple. I've decided to make it green instead. It's off to a good start.



Andreas gave me pens for Christmas in my stocking. He knows my weakness.


Parental Snacks

Mike and Betsy sent us some snacks right around the new year. Andreas ate all the crackers within a week. Leonora's been enjoying all the jam, too, since I wasn't able to make any last year and we were low.


Beans at Etno Kuca

The first time we took Leonora to Etno Kuca, they offered us beans with meat, an off menu item. We accepted. They were good!


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Not Lopsided

This one was also a neglected project that is now DONE. I don't know how Andreas managed to make it look lopsided.


Long Time Coming

I had been carrying this around as my purse project forever, but it's done and made into a bright ornament now. Brighter than the photo. Andreas got the color balance off.


Bit More Roofing

There is now more roof and another whole building now.


Make Stuff May 2023 #5: Mandala Bee by Awesome Pattern Studio

So I now have two of this going...


Another Sheep

Yet another Balkan banquet at Nuovo Monte. I miss that place.


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Rainbow of Notebooks

Andreas found these on sale on amazon during black Friday. So I got some new notebooks. I always find uses for them.


Gifted Notebook

My boss went to the OSCE ministerial in Lodz and brought me back this cool notebook.


Make Stuff May 2023 #4: It is What it is

Beginning with a capital I.


Make Stuff May 2023 #7: Happy Owl by Durene Jones

A little owl for Andreas.



Went to Ciao with friends back in October 2021. While the atmosphere was good, the food still doesn't measure up to Etno Kuca.


Friday, May 19, 2023

Thank You Njomza!

Njomza brought these wonderful truffles from Germany when she visited. Thank you Njomza, we appreciate them and it was great to see you, even if it was so short.


Compass Rose Canvas

I saw this at The French Knot and bought it, along with silk to stitch it. Will start at some point this month.


Make Stuff May 2023 #2: green Cactus by cozyblue handmade

This is going to require a bit of stitching.


Getting Dressed

The tree is beginning to get needles.