Friday, September 30, 2022

Giving The Fingers

Still some to do on the two corners, but the fingers are taking shape.


Special MTG Cards

Andreas knows how much I still miss Mattie. I always will. So, he got these custom art MTG cards for me. The artist who did the backs and signed the cards did the original artwork for the cards themselves. All have special meanings in Mattie's life. Including her teaching Chad the way of the Sharr. They are precious to me.


Another Ripple

Another ripple of the flag is done. Slowly passing down the chart.


Griffen and Battle


Griffen arm rests and one massive battle painting.

About Halfway

Looks like there is about half to go on this. Lots of random greens.


Random Digs

We just stumbled across these random digs as people prepare to build new buildings in Athens. They are everywhere.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Irn Bru

Andreas found a British food store here in Warsaw and bought me Irn Bru for my birthday! I've already had some.


Little Pink Leaves

Almost three of twelve little pink leaves done. This is the next step. Looks like a bit of color, though.


Lots of Orange

This orange frog is almost done, I think.



One room of the palace has a bunch of old Italian nativities. Many of them are full city scenes. And one even has a dog.


A Bit of Fish

Nettles, ground fava beans, and lots of fish at this stop of the food tour. Was definitely a pass for me.


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Second Color

Almost done with this and added the second color - the remains from the tribal dragon- to be the accent. Another day or two and it's done.


Blue Moon Start

Started this while in Krakow and had some extra time. Here it is about to be my daily stitch. Should get it done fairly quickly.


Back's Done

Only four more swirls to go and this will be done. Yay!


In the Library

The library is as grand as all the other rooms, down to the lamps. 


Ipsy August

Lots of stuff I will actually use this time.


Athens Souvlaki

The meat, pita, and sauce were great ... but not a fan at all of having fries in the souvlaki. It's filler, plain and simple, and doesn't belong there.


Saturday, September 24, 2022

This'll Done

It's all done now. I think I will frame it and put it on the wall. Now to find a framer in Warsaw.

Another Row's Start

One more row started, and I am officially over halfway done now. Maybe it'll start going quickly.


Time for Green

All these green bits are beginning to show. Lots more green of all different shades to stitch.