Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Down the Hall

The entry level hallway of our rental in Belgrade. It was so Soviet.

Lovely Design Fodder

These are pieces to use for inspiration when I have time to design...


Monday, August 29, 2022

One Cornered

One corner pretty much done, and the fingers are bigger.


All Barred

All four flowers are barred now, so it's edging them then on to something else.


Big Ladybug

Not only do I have a ladybug, I have a daisy bud, too. This part is the largest part of the stitching. But the spinner hasn't been kind lately.


Some Scale

Caserta is enormous. To give an idea of scale, the vase in the photo above is close upped in the photo below. It's quite a sizeable thing. Yet barely visible in the room. And a minor detail that gets swallowed in the whole.


Greek Gargoyles

I didn't realize the history of Gargoyles was quite this long.


Nis Riverside

One side of the riverbank is commercial; the other side is Nis castle. These are photos of the castle, which has become a university and cafe area. I would have liked more time to explore.


Friday, August 26, 2022

Group Meal in Nis

Nis is between Pristina and Belgrade, so we stopped there for lunch last December when we were doing a group trip. Ranko recommended the restaurant, and it was a good one, though parking was hard to find. Nis is a city that deserves further exploration one day. I don't know why they named the pub Crazy Horse, though. That name always makes me think of west Texas.


Four Spikes

Four full spikes done and about to work on the inside of the lightbulb. 


Pretty Colors

About a quarter of the piece done now. I like the angularity of the corners.


On the Last Corner

Almost to the point of having one more part done and only two left to go, but there's a -lot- of backstitching that I will have to do on these corners.


Get Some (Bas) Relief

Lots of it around Caserta. Most quite beautiful.


More of the Mystery Machine

This is the modern reconstruction of the machine. It was a timekeeping device used for longitudinal tracking.


Sunday, August 21, 2022

A Second Curve

Working on a second curve of the back now. This is slowly getting done.