Sunday, November 28, 2021

Working Around The World

The earth is complete; time to finish off the phases.


First Housing

The first house is well on the way. But there are five to do.


An Andreas Purchase

I have been unable to use any of this yet. Andreas got it from zenpop. I will try using it soon.

One Quartered

Upside down, but a quarter of part ten is done - at least the cross stitching. There is a huge amount of backstitching to do in all these corners, though.


Boys Just Wanna Nap

Grayson and Chad like their nappies. Here they are lying around in the new house.


Hotel Panorama Breakfast

The breakfast at the hotel was okay. Not great. Orange juice was actually something like Tang. Fruit and cheese was good.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Another Bit Of Leaf

There's another leaf beginning to peek out. And a wine glass stem, too.


Adding Stars

Stars are needed for the flag, so added they are.


More Than Half A Jupiter

Jupiter needs to get finished. It's just sitting there without its pants on.


Lots Of Doilies

I am trying to get some of my yarn used, so I can carry less yarn to next post. Hopeless, I know. Anyway, these are four doilies, all from the same ball of cotton yarn.


Leonora's Birthday Cake

This is the cake we got Leonora for her birthday. It was not from one of the bakeries she usually orders from, so it was a bit juvenile in design. But it tasted good! 


Mmmushroom Soup

Andreas had cream of broccoli soup. I had mushroom. The mushroom was absolutely delicious. We also had some pizza. It was good, but not as good as the soup. This was, once again, at Hotel Panorama in Kruje. I think the only meal we didn't eat there during the trip was Mrize i Zanave.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Serenity Done

Yay, this is finally done! I think it came out pretty well. Time for me to do the other two. This has already been gifted. She loves it.


Winter View

The view from our new place just after we moved in. Still very ambivalent ten months later.


Abandoning The Streets

This piece was giving me no joy to work on. I couldn't see finishing it to just sit. So I abandoned it. I don't have time to work on things I don't like.

Autumn Snowflake

This little ornament came out pretty well. Now to get it finished finished.


Wedding Invitation

A wedding is supposed to be a happy thing. And so it was going to be and will be one day soon-ish. We were invited, but ... it didn't happen due to COVID restrictions. We are heartbroken for Njomza. She looked forward to it so much, and to starting her life again in Germany. Now she has to wait. We all hope they can get married soon and can be together.


Mrizi E Zanave Lunch

Since we had several days in Albania, I dragged Andreas to one of my favorite places. It's sooooo good. And everything sourced from the farm.


Friday, November 12, 2021

Almost Glassed

There is just a bit of black in the goblet to go. The bottle's half done and there's one more leaf to go.


Sky Song Finished

Another cozyblue finish. I think this one came out well, but it's not one I will keep.


Hungarian Gift

I have been doing the logistics for a bunch of temporary people at the Embassy. One of them, at the end of her second TDY, gave me this through my boss for helping them out. She's based in Hungary, so I get Hungarian jaegermeister.


Bone And Aftermath

Chad chewing on a bone. He will chew the same one for days. Our little Chad is persistent, if nothing else. And the last photo is him resting after the finish.