Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Baby Quilt

This quilt, that I had pieced quite a while ago, is finally quilted, finished, and gifted. Thank you Betsy for doing the quilting. I added the binding and gave it to the Sudame family for their new baby.


Tearing Off the Back

Tearing all the little paper pieces off the back of this so I can send it to Betsy to get quilted. Slow work because other things keep getting in the way.


Getting Handy

The fourth hand is close to complete as the arcs around it begin to close in.


Lettering Now

Yay, lettering is started and it's time to get this puppy finished.


Friendly Neighborhood Snitch

Bunk'Art 1 is a history of the 20th century internal security apparatus of Albania. Various rooms have the early history. Lots of narrow corridors and bits of old electric spy devices dot the place. Then you get to the uniformed mannequin with the gas mask and you realize this really was a place. A scary place where they spied on everyone under Hoxha.


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Froggie's Got Back

The yellow froggie has a bit of back now and is just chugging along. He's been spun often lately.


Third Cornered

All the way around the corner on the third one. Last corner to go, and it's already started.



We received these potholders made by Betsy for Christmas. Thank you! We are now using them; we were low. They are appreciated.


Bunk'Art 2

The little pillbox in the middle of Tirana is the entrance to an underground bunker built for bigwigs of the Hoxha regime. You go down some steps and get to the psychedelic entrance.

Pink Temari

I made this temari for Laurel before she left post last month.


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Yet More Tree

Still working on the left corner bottom. At least it's getting done bit by bit.


Retreat Treat Done

This little square is done and ready to be made into something. With the two variegated flosses having some color overlap, the design looks a bit different.



These are more Christmas presents from Andreas' parents. They match the quilts! Finally got the photos, so posting. They're comfy too. Thank you!


Teaching Them to Talk

We are trying to teach the dogs to talk through buttons. The main problem right now is that the buttons lose their recordings. Andreas is supposed to contact the company to get that fixed. So they only talk now the way they have been all along.


More Bunkers

Exterior of Bunk'Art 1 again and ... bunkers in their unkempt state in a national forest just outside Tirana. These little bunkers dot the Albanian countryside everywhere.


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

There Is Art

Despite being billed as an art museum, Bunk'Art 1 has very little art. It's mainly a history museum and needs to keep that purpose. One piece we saw installed in a stairwell is this. 


Mid Century Modern Ornaments

I decided to do another needlepoint series and picked this one. Since I'm behind, they sent me the first four all together. Time to get stitching.


Wandered to the Office

Framed this, Andreas loved it. Sitting in his office now.


Scissors and Needles Now

Almost all the way across the top of the sewing machine now.


Skirt and Flutter

With the flag totally stitched, going back and forth on the skirt and ribbon to get them completed.


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Nedlepointed Ornament

My little nine patch sampler is ready to hang somewhere now.


Friday Dinner at Mykonos

Had a Friday dinner at a Greek place downtown. It was lovely.

Almost Across Again

A bit farther across now. I am at the bottom of the second set of pages and the design is getting more narrow, so I must be closer to finishing.


Little Owl Done

This one is stitched and ready for framing now.


Forced Meetings - Bunk'Art 1

Every bunker needs a place for party speeches, right? This bunker also includes a tiny food store and the latest in 1960's communist entertainment.