Tuesday, February 28, 2023

23 for 2023 #14: Tracery by Ink Circles

This is pretty big, so I didn't get all the way across.


23 for 2023 #19: A Snowflake Quaker Style by AuryTM

This is started, and I think the colors will look good. It's going to be quite a bit bigger than most snowflakes.


My Panel is Done

You can see it better if you make this bigger, but I promise all the lines are done.



I have the pocket done. Right about halfway done.



Another game added to our collection.


Carol Drives

Carol always wants to be in charge. This is after a vet appointment.


The Sun Goes Down...

Beautiful light over Rievaulx Abbey.


Figural Frescos

Three little figural drawings randomly on walls.


Monday, February 27, 2023

Panda Part!

The little blob in the middle at the bottom is red panda. Yay, I'm finally beginning  to stitch it!


23 for 2023 #17: In the Meadow by Ink Circles

One corner tree pretty much done on this, but a lot more to go. I think it'll look neat when done.


Moon to Jump Over

This has become my daily piece for a bit. Time for the moon to grow, since the cow's already jumping over it.


23 for 2023 #16: Arranging Mushrooms by Ink Circles

Time to get my mushrooms on and start stitching them. Two started already.


Handmade Earrings

I picked these up at the Christmas market in Krakow. They were at the blacksmith's stall. I think they're quite cute.


What You Eat at a Military Expo

Evidently it's sausage. Lots of sausage. And beer. There were a lot of beer stands. But I didn't have that.


Above Rievaulx

Andreas threw a drone up over Rievaulx Abbey. This is what it saw. All beautiful.


Lots More Mosaics

No matter where you look in Villa San Marco, you see decoration. It's unreal.


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Side Swirls

The little swanlike bits on the sides are coming along, with the guns pointing toward them.


Just Getting On

Doesn't really look like much progress, but the middle little guy is beginning to take shape and the other two are getting their chests filled.


23 for 2023 #12: Swirly Tree by DebBee's Designs

This was a one day stitch, but all the crowding on the swirl stitches was a pain. It's shiny because I used Brazilian embroidery thread.


23 for 2023 #15: A Simple Snowflake from A Cross Stitch Christmas

Another little snowflake for a quick stitch later.


Cute Little Armored Vehicle

A little armored vehicle sitting among the others. But it's cute so I took a photo.