Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Arched Over

The top arched area is done and it's time to look toward the other three.

A Little Farther Right

Now the picture is done all the way to the end of the tail.  It's all coming along, but not as fast as I had hoped.  Too much confetti.

Cider And Pizza

 Zizzi is a rather pretentious pizza place in Warwick.  Evidently, it's a chain.  The cider I had was below par, but local.  The antipasto was good.  We also had some bruschetta, which was mediocre.

The pizzas were good, but not spectacular.  At least we were going to see Rogue One immediately after!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Needlepoint Kit

I bought this when Needle Delights Originals was having a sale.  It's the complete kit!  I love the colors.

The Pattern Emerged

I think this is looking sooo cool.  The cup and the bottle are both visible, and it's just time to work to the bottom.

So. Very. Close.

I am so close I can taste it to being done with this sampler.

Begging Birdie

Truly, we only stopped for a bite to eat after leaving Glasgow fairly early in the morning.  We were driving all the way down to Warwick.  We brought our food in to the car, and someone followed us.  It was this bird, and he was watching us eat.  And watching and watching.  Andreas eventually threw out a bread crust and the bird hopped on it immediately.  Talk about behavioral adaptation to a urban environment!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Warp

I love the colors of this warp.  I really need to fix the one harness on my loom so I can go ahead and start weaving.


I have the treetops done.  Because they were queen stitches in the instructions, and I HATE queen stitches - not just doing them, but the look of them - I substituted rhodes stitches.  I like the look.  I will finish this soon, yay!

My Glengoyne Photo

I took this photo just after we arrived at Glengoyne in December.  Our visit there was wonderful, and we'll definitely go back.  I would also like to thank Glengoyne.  Once we got home, one of our master class glasses broke.  Andreas asked if he could buy a new one.  Glengoyne is sending him a replacement for free.  How nice of them!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Turkish Trivet

One of my colleagues went to Turkey for a wedding and brought back this trivet for me.  It's pretty!  Thank you, Oliver!  Took so long to post this because Andreas accidentally left this in his office for a couple of months.


Yay, February is all done before the end of the month!

Lunch In Kendal

 This restaurant was recommended by the lady we bought the mint cakes from.  It was Italian and crowded, but we found the food sort of bland.  The olives were good, though, and the service was friendly.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tree Of Life

Andreas found this for me at the museum gift shop in Kendal after we bought loads of mint cakes.  I like the design a lot.

All Bee'd Up

I finished my Elizabethan Pencil Box.  One of the strawberries has trellises that are no where near perfect, but I think it adds charm to the piece.  I liked doing the twisted buttonholes, and I'm overall pleased with the result.

Log Cutting And Rolling

The log cutting used big saws, but the log rolling was more interesting to watch!

Second Leaf

It's clearly visible that there's a second leaf now.  It looks like it's going to just be shades of green for a while longer now.


Saw these at the Gloucester roadside services and bought them just for the tins.  They're cute!

The Log Runners

The ladies and the dogs ran over logs in water.  They'd get wet if they fell, but they didn't.  It was fun to watch, and the dogs acted cute.