Sunday, July 31, 2016

Almost Three Of Four

I am so close to getting the quatrefoil done.  It feels like I should push through.

Plainly Elephants

These elephants were on the edge of the Etosha salt pan.  The plain seemed  to go on forever.

Elephant Walk

Toward the end of the last day, we got to see the elephant walk.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Celebrate World Embroidery Day

Go forth and make something!  I will be once I'm done celebrating my husband's birthday.

More Outines

I have one more full box outlined and most of another.  Next time, I'll do more filling.

Walking Across The Road

Decided there was a zebra there, so he crossed.

Oh My A Mongoose

We found this red mongoose strolling along the road.  Andreas chased it with the car to get these photos.  We saw some banded mongooses elsewhere, but were unable to take a photo.

Friday, July 29, 2016

My Elephant Photos

Andreas encouraged me to take photos and I finally did.  These were taken with my little point and shoot.  The elephants were about 50 meters away.  I think some of the shots came out pretty well.  My favorite of this set is the elephant butt.

Densest Round

I am working on the densest round of this blackwork piece.  As I've been working on it daily, it's been going really well.

Birds Being Birds

Vultures and parrots and flying bananas, oh my!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Green Afghan

This afghan is for friends who had a baby boy in the spring.  I hope he doesn't outgrow it before autumn.

Edged In Red

My blossom is edged in red and ready to get pink,

Random Ruminants

Just the last of the ruminant photos.  I like the giraffe.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Going To Ground

Bits of the border got stitched this time along with ground on both left and right.

Tiring Of Brown

I know I am making progress every time I post this, but I feel so tired of shades of brown right now...

Why He Married A Texan...

Someone had to open the cattle gates when we got lost via GPS on the way to the lodge.  That was me.  I even got to be surrounded by a herd of cattle, bull included.

Back To The Birds

Birds with jewel tones and pretty wings!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Green And Gold

The middle quatrefoil is coming along pretty well, I think.  Got some bordering done, too.

Blue Rectangle

I like the way this is coming along.  One more rectangle, the two shades of blue, is done.  Slowly it gets there.

Good Airplane Food

Not all airplane food has to taste bad.  We found this out on Namibia Air.  This is breakfast.  On a two hour flight.  Yes, it was hot and tasted very good.  Why can't other airlines copy them?

Awkward Poses

Most of these animals are having awkward moments.