Thursday, September 21, 2023

Someday the Tree Will be Done

The tree is still not done, but more and more of page three is finished. All work done on the lower left corner.


Quilt for Andreas

Andreas' mom made this beautiful quilt for him. He loves it.


Puppies Getting Tired

Walkies and rests and walkies.


123 Stitch Stash

Bought when I needed more DMC.


Independence Day Parade

November 11 is Polish Independence Day. We were in Krakow and found a parade commemorating it. None of the parade was motorized. It was neat to watch.


Monday, September 18, 2023

Afghan for a Little Girl

One of my coworkers, Josh, has two girls. I had made an afghan for his newborn, then saw his toddler. I asked her if she wanted one too, and she said yes. So it was presented to her and, according to her daddy, did not leave her grasp for a full week.


Rest and Walkies

Puppies resting and out on walkies. They like both, even in the rain.


Across the Top of The Machine

Just about ready to get to the sewing machine's wheel in words. Progress.


Andreas' Favorite Krakow Restaurant

Andreas loves this restaurant. It serves traditional Polish meals, including wild game. Everything is fresh and tasty.


Friday, September 15, 2023

Zenpop Stationery August

This box had a lot of art supplies in it, less on traditional stationery. I will try it out soon.


Greek Treats

There were a bunch of cracker-y things in this box. Andreas liked them. I am having the llokum. Andreas had the croissant-ish thing as breakfast on the way down to the Radom Air Show. Pretty much a winner box.


Left to the Bottom

The left side of the skirt has hit near the bottom before the banner, so I am making progress. There's just so much yellow.


Rainy Krakow

A few pics of the area of old town in Krakow. The church is always beautiful.


Thursday, September 14, 2023


Andreas hasn't replaced the batteries on my older every day watches, so I bought a couple of new ones. They've come. Old ones still waiting for batteries.


Volvo Goodies

The Volvo dealer in Lithuania gave us these nice little goodies when we picked up our new XC 90. It was a good experience.


A Nose

Yes, there's a face on the bottom jaw of the greathelm. It's a weird piece.


Meh Italian

We were in a hurry for lunch and made the mistake of eating on the main square. While the food was decent, service was glacial and the price was high.