Thursday, November 30, 2017

One House Done

Yay, I have a house done and a very good start on a second.  If I get some time, I might be able to complete the houses before Christmas.

Lunch With Mom

In September, I had lunch with Mom at Ol' South.  Not only do they have the best breakfasts, they have wonderful lunch specials such as pot roast and chicken fried steak.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Chartreuse Background

Lots of chartreuse background, but it means I get to go quickly on this.

Relaxing In Texas

Mattie relaxing in the shade while we were in Texas.  She enjoyed being about to just sit outside, something she'd not been able to do for two years.

A Little Color

I did add a lot of brown this time, but I also added a little bit of color on the peacock himself.  I feel like I'm making some true progress, and am getting to the halfway point.

All Across

Yay, I am all the way across on my Peace Wheel!  Now I get to add a second color.

Ol' South Breakfast

Being in Fort Worth, I had to eat at Ol' South as often as possible. This time it was with Lindsay Repshas, an old friend met in Moldova.  It was great for both of us and I introduced her to Dutch babies!

Star Wars Day At The Ballpark

Andreas wanted a Texas Rangers Star Wars mashup bobble head doll.  Since he was not yet on home leave, I had to "suffer" through a Rangers game to get him one.  It was a true hardship, as Andreas picked out the ticket for me and got this awesome seat behind home plate.  Members of the 501st Legion were on the field before the game in full regalia.  It was cute to see Boba Fett annoy the head groundskeeper.  The game was great, too, and I had a good time.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Joyful World Done

I started it a year late, but finished it a month ahead of my schedule.  The piece was made challenging by the 40 count cloth.  Stitched over two in DMC threads.  It's already got a new home!

Mattie Eats Ice Cream

One of the things Mattie liked to do on home leave was walk, of an evening, to Curly's Custard, and indulge in ice cream.  

Lucky 13 Hair Salon

I had my hair done twice by Bree at this place in Fort Worth while on home leave.  Isn't the decor spiffy?  The hair turned out awesome, too!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Hearts Flowers And Diamonds

The left side border is all outlined now, and I am almost done with the hearts and lines .  Getting close to being able to move to the second of three parts.

Dinner At Cafe Do Mar

Andreas and I went out to Cafe do Mar on the beach a couple of times before leaving Angola.  The sound of the surf was relaxing and the decor fit well - modern and squared off.  The service was better than most of Angola, but still could have used help.  Food was both delicious and pretty.

Resort Views

The restaurant and resort are on a lake.  The view is good, and there are antelope around.  It was still a bit dry and dusty.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who's Watching?

This big satellite dish (huge) was out in the middle of the Angolan plain.  It's not for regular communications.  I wonder what entity put it there.

Angolan Resort Food

Yes, it took this long to pull these photos off of my phone.
This is from one of the last activities we did in Angola - we went with CLO to a resort an hour out of town.  The place was nice, and the food was good, but, like almost everything else in Angola, it had issues.  The resort is on a lake and a bit in the interior.
The menu was fixed for everyone.  We started with little amuse bouches and then went to a frou frou appetizer.  I did try the fish course, and at the onion frizee, but I still don't get the appeal of fish.  I also had a couple of caprainhas.  The beef course was very good, as was the mousse dessert.
The problems with the place were the usual - poor plumbing and poor service.  But we're gone now and we had a nice lunch out.  I will post the photos of the actual resort tomorrow.