Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ana's Goat

Ana gave me this goat and I love it!  It reminds me of the puppet show in Sound of Music.  It's already on my fridge and will stay there.

Beginning to Welcome

I've started in on the over one stitches now.  There are several things more to do before this is done, but it's coming along.

Elsie's Temari

Elsie sent me this fantabulous C10 wrapped temari covered in stars and sparkles.  People see it and they have to pick it up.  It even rattles!  Thank you so much for the temari, Elsie!

Mall Food

 The mall near the train station in Budapest was CROWDED because it was December and Christmas shopping.  We found a place to eat a sit down lunch after waiting 20 minutes for a table.  The lunch was good, with goulash and sandwiches.  My sandwich was chicken, and Andreas' was a cubano.  He loved his.  Mine was okay.  The goulash didn't have much in the way of chunky stuff in it, but the broth was good.  We were at the mall to go grocery shopping for sweet potatoes, which you cannot find in Moldova.  You can find them most everywhere else in Europe now, but not Moldova.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Turning Over

Okay, so I am weird.  I have coveted a crepe turner for years.  This December, I bought this nice wooden one at the Cluj Christmas market.  It's so smooth and pretty!

Temari For Elsie

Elsie and I have had an exchange going for over a year, but it's finally done!  She sent me a lovely temari that you will see in a day or two and I sent her this large kiku thing.  The colors cheered me up as i stitched it, so I hope they cheer her up whenever she looks at it, too!

Crazy January Start #18: Mug Shot

This piece is a kit.  I hated the white aida, so I ended up using my own linen.  It's a stack of several coffee cups with different patterns, so it won't be boring.

Covered Market In Budapest

This is the view from the second story o the covered market in Budapest.  It's huge.  It's also a great place to get lost, though some booths are geared toward tourists, with commensurate prices.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crazy January Start #18: Mug Shot

I just had to change out the white aida for something else and only got a few stitches in.  I have been so very busy and very tired lately that my stitching's suffered.

Tree Sampler Framed

I have had this sampler done for at least three years, and, knowing we're going to move, we're taking a lot of things to MolDeco to get framed.  This was one of them.  I think they did an awesome job!  The framing makes this blah sampler stunning.


Just about all the work this time was done to the right of the peacock, working on the background.  At least some of it is getting done.

Hungary's Hellish Kitchen

We stopped at a market booth for lunch one day, and it was awful!  The service was slow and the food was cold and blech.  The name of the place, we found out later, was Hungary's Hell's Kitchen.  Evidently this was their Christmas booth.  It SO made me not want to go to their restaurant!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Royal Times

The people of Cluj publish a newspaper on National Day showing the return of the royals to Bucharest on the first National Day in 1918.  Good way to remember history!

Not So Joyful

I am on a really boring and dense stitch at the moment.  It's time consuming!

Crazy January Start #17: Blue And Gold Egg

This egg is going to look fabulous when it's done.  The problem is finding the time to finish it.

First Bazilika

We went to this restaurant at St. Stephen's square in Budapest twice.  The first time was really good.  The second time was awful and we both caught food poisoning.  The only difference seemed to be the staff.  I had a cappucino to warm me up, and we both had goulash.  I also had a steak and egg thing while Andreas had chicken paprikash.  His was better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beautiful Counted Work

I found this beautiful table runner at the market in Budapest.  It's all hand stitched, with both  cross stitch and pulled work.  I love it.

Crazy January Start #16: Rico Design Tablecloth

Last time we were in Germany I bought this at the Karstadt.  It was on sale and looked pretty.  Now I've started it.  It's a square tablecloth with a Christmas motif.

Sick Of Red

I am so sick of going back and forth with the red!  At least I only have about twelve more rows of it.

Faire Food

The Christmas fairs had a variety of food - more so than other towns we've been to.  I stuck to a traditional sausage while Andreas tried goulash in a bread bowl.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pizza Place On Eroilor

Pizza 4 Amici is in the basement of a building on Blvd. Eroilor, and they make good mulled wine!  Their food is also very good.  I had the wine to warm me up.  Andreas had a banana milkshake.  No comment on the reason.  We, as usual, ordered too much food.  My chicken soup - was not zeama.  I am so going to miss zeama when we move to Luanda in the autumn.  Andreas had a cold plate and pasta and I had veggie pizza. All were very good and very filling.  The service was nice too!  The waitress checked on us every so often and told us that things would take a bit.

Crazy January Start #15: Counted Square

When this is done, it'll be perfect for a scissors fob.  I found it on Pinterest and decided I needed a few easy projects this year.  It's already about a third of the way done.

Sky And Stucco

Worked on the sky and stucco this time.  I am so very close to being finished with the big house.

New Cow Fur

We found this purse at the Christmas market in Budapest.  It's in my collection now.  I have made a cow fur convert of Andreas.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beautiful Pottery

We saw these shallow bowls hanging on the wall in MolDeco when we were getting some framing done.  I fell in love with some of them, especially the one above on the right.  They're all hand made and painted by an artist in Transylvania.  Andreas decided to buy them all for me.  The whole set was under a hundred dollars. I consider it a steal.