Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Monday, November 27, 2023

Almost to the Tail

Almost to the edge of the peacock's tail. Slowing working my way across.


Top Half

Top half of the sewing machine is done. I should get this finished soon.


Ice Cider

Leonora found this for me. It's sitting in the fridge. I need to open and try it. Thank you, Leonora!


Christmas Cards

Andreas convinced me to get Christmas cards this year. I'll be putting them to use.


Saturday, November 25, 2023

Working Around the Middle

Bits of blue added to this, along with some more purple.


Face Down

The face on the chin is done. I am about 80% complete on this now. Yay!


Thank You Gift

Paulina gave me this in thanks for giving her some brisket. Poles love it too! Andreas ate the orange.


Chicken Kit

I ordered this kit from a Polish embroidery store. I didn't realize how -big- the stitches were at the time. It's a doorstop, and I know someone who likes both embroidery and chickens, so it's been gifted on.



Brisket straight from the smoker. Polish beef. It's hard to get a good cap of fat on the brisket here, but it still tastes very good.


Monday, November 20, 2023

Working on Branches

I have never seen so many branches on a cactus.


Slogging Through Backstitching

I have most of the arch done and one side gargoyle. Progress, but -so much backstitch-.


Black Needle Society September

Lots of non-stitchy stuff and pattern I just don't like. I will be cancelling this subscription soon.


Black Dahlia

This Portland Leather Goods black backpack has become my everyday carry for the past month. Works well and weatherproof.


Carol Begs, Too

Carol likes to beg too, but she doesn't do it as often in the kitchen as the others.


Friday, November 17, 2023

Almost Yellowed

I am so close to being done with the yellow frog. It's another big piece to call complete soon. I will do the green on the right after this one.


Little Cottage Done

Completed a kit from the Historical Sample Company. I still have a few more. Just wasn't impressed with them.



My little bay leaves are framed. I think this is the perfect frame for it. Thank you, Luca-S, for the kit.


Mystery Boxed

I -like- bags. I like bags a lot. So I decided to order a mystery box from Portland Leather Goods. This is what I got. Definitely keeping all but the golden bag.


Zenpop October

They have been putting more art stuff in the stationery box lately. Kind of neat.


Begging Chad

Chad always hopes for treats in the kitchen.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

German Treats

The game is lame, but there were a lot of treats in this box. Surprisingly, no Haribo!


Baker's Twine for Finishing

The only thing I could find to buy at this chain craft store in a bad neighborhood in Manchester was baker's twine. So very lame.


Already Square

All four corners of the piece are stitched. This is small so it will be done quickly.


Blessed World

Another little Shepherd's Bush piece done. I think it will be a magnet.



Grayson shows off his teeth while being happy. Unfortunately, those teeth scare a lot of people. He's such a sweet boi, and silly too.


Monday, November 13, 2023

Bunny in Snow

We experienced a quick snow in Colorado, and so did the bunny in my in laws' yard.


On the Last Round

I have officially started part twelve on the top left. All the way around it goes, and then all that is left is beading and the rest of the special stitches. Might not be done this year, but certainly early next.


Half a Treasure

Half the treasure is done. This is a quick, if eye-straining, stitch.


It's a Chad

Chad out on walkies. Now that we're in a place he's not likely to get run over, Chad gets to go off lead most of the time.


Czech Snacks

This had quite a bit of stuff in it - a lot weird. The Ghost Snack went to my boss, who loves Halloween. Garlic chips not bad.