Friday, June 30, 2023

Make Stuff May 2023 #21: Sunflower and Ladybug by Dimensions

A little needlepoint kit picked up from Amazon when Andreas was shopping. Started now, hopefully finished soon.


Top's Done

Roofing is all done; time to work on the rest.


Make Stuff May 2023 #23: Mandala Tree of Life by Awesome Pattern Studio

Another May start; this one is a tree of life. I hope to get to it soon.


A Little Heart

A little heart within the beginning of a bigger one. 


First Trifle

Leonora's first attempt at a trifle. It was delicious!


Gift from Tracy

New cards and coasters! Aren't they cute?


Heart Shaped Macarons

Leonora's first attempt at playing around with shapes. I think they came out well.


Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Tiramisu by Leonora

Two of Leonora's tasty creations. They look great too.


Temari for Karen

Karen is going to Mauritania. I thought she would appreciate something cheerful, so I made this for her to take with her.


Make Stuff May 2023 #25: Let's Sew by Ursula Michael

Started this for Betsy. It will get into my regular rotation soon.


One More Sqare

Another bit done while working on this row set. It actually looks impressive from a distance now.


Make Stuff May 2023 #25: Great Wave off Kanagawa by istus stitched

When I pull this out, I am going to have to restart because the fabric orientation's wrong. But it's started and ready to pull out at least.


Another Country House Great Meal

Friday dinner at Country House. I miss Kosovo food so much.


Sunday, June 18, 2023

Ukraine Colors

Two different versions of interlocking kikus on this. It looks pretty neat.


Surface Embroidery Kits

This is the Christmas tree I already started plus another couple of things.


Almost Gargoyled

I am so close to being done with these two big gargoyles. If only I can get it all done soon.


On to the Yellow Frog

Yellow frog on the left is well and truly started now.


Make Stuff May 2023 #20: Figurine Owl by Riolis

Upside down, but here's the owl I started. It'll be for Andreas.


Soma Slow Fooding

Soma Slow Food group dinner. A lot of food and a lot of good people. It was a fun night. I miss it all.


Friday, June 16, 2023

Little Tree Ornament

A little tree ornament all done and ready to give away.


Little Kit from Michaels

Saw this at Michaels and picked it up while we were in Texas. 


Make Stuff May 2023 #25: Dog Rose by Ink Circles

One of the Patreon exclusives from Tracy. Started, will be finished soon.


Make Stuff May 2023 #24: Star Wars Death Star by Awesome Pattern Studio

Another start for Andreas. Will get around to my rotation soon.


Make Stuff May 2023 #22: Blue Compass Rose by Kirk and Bradley

I bought this canvas in Fort Worth in April and started it in May. Doing my own stitches, no stitch guide.


Pretty Tasty Cake

Leonora made this very pretty and tasty cake for a birthday before the Ukraine war - the colors are coincidental. She is so talented!