Saturday, June 27, 2020

Another Epic Era

There were twelve of us at Era. Not many photos taken, but it was lovely as ever!

All Four Started

The fourth seahorse is started. Yay! I'm right around halfway through.

Christmas Ornament #1 - Work From Home #1

I have decided to do more starts. This is because I'm working from home for at least another month or two. And can't go anywhere outside of Kosovo. So, to cheer myself up, I've started this. 

Bunnies Circled

The bunny garden is framed now and delivered to its new owner.

Back To Sushico

Andreas and I managed to catch a lunch together at Sushico just before Christmas. We'd missed it.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Dormers Done

The dormer windows are done on the bottom now. Lots of rhodes stitches to go, though. And the fourth tree is progressing well, too!

Autumn Mandala - Stitch Maynia #31

Well, I did it. 31 starts in May, one a day. Now to work on more finishes.


My wildflower heart is done. It came out pretty good.

Hotel Breakfast

You'd think it'd be better at a place over $200 per night. Kind of sad.

Texas Flowers - Stitch Maynia #30

One of my bigger projects this year. I'm looking forward to how this will look when it's done.

Rays Of Sunshine

More little rays of sunshine, some blue, and beginning  to fill in the moon.

Barn Owl

I love this barn owl and can't wait to start it. I think it looks great.

Ted's Bulletin

Another dinner out in Arlington. Food is so expensive there! All our meals were twice the price of Texas. Anyway, food was pretty good, at least. Still not up to Texas snuff.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

African Protea

I ran out of House of Embroidery thread, so I ordered some from their only distributor in the US. Ordered this kit, too. Got the kit. Still waiting for the thread.

Florin - Stitch Maynia #29

This is the start of another Ink Circles. It's small. It shouldn't take too long.

Second Area Done

Such a small bit of this piece done, but it's a start and it's in my rotation, so it'll get more done soon.

Ted's Montana Restaurant

After home leave, Andreas had training at FSI. He met some friends there, and we had dinner at Ted's Montana one evening. I finally got a nice steak in Virginia. 

Monday, June 22, 2020


It was time to work more of the dress, so it's growing along. Looks like it's almost time to get the second arm, too. Maybe some roses.

Guilder - Stitch Maynia #27

Yet another Ink Circles project with stash from around the house. We'll see how this goes.

Last Chance At Fried Pickles

The burger was good, but it was the fried pickles that made this meal. It was at one of the places on Seventh Street in Fort Worth. Bar area. But fried pickles. I think this was the last time I've had them. I wonder if I could make them.