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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

One World One Heart Time

It's that time of year - One World, One Heart is on!  You can click on the logo on the sidebar to get to the list.  I participated last year and enjoyed it, and I hope you who participate have fun looking at all the neat stuff. 


I am currently living in Uruguay and craft a lot.  I've at least tried everything I've seen involving a needle and thread.  I will be moving to Moldova later in the year, and it will be a challenge with one LARGE dog and two cats, especially with nearly two months in the US in the middle.  Anyway... on to the goodies:

I will be giving away three temari balls in your choices of color, mine of pattern.  There are a lot of temari in prior blog posts so you can see what they are.  The drawing will be around nine in the morning URUGUAY time (which is GMT -3 currently) on February 17th.  Just leave a comment with a way to be reached to enter!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pillow Ornament

I took this picture before I sent it off.  It's the pillow ornament of Wishing Ewe.  Came out pretty cute!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One World One Heart Winners

I drew the winners for my One World One Heart giveaway on Monday morning, Uruguay time.  All have been notified and two of the prizes are already in the mail.  Congratulations to mitz_zee (Wishing Ewe ornament), Susan (birds at the shore print) and craftytokyomomma (bargello ornament).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway


I've decided, after discovering it today, to participate in the One World, One Heart giveaway from way down here in Uruguay.  Since it's a spur of the moment decision, I've not got things nicely made up for it, but they -will- be completely finished before sending to you!  With that in mind, I'm offering three prizes: a bargello ornament that I just finished stitching today, a cross stitched ornament, and a picture from Andreas.  The picture will be 8x10 inches and printed on archival paper.  Each of the prizes will have more information below their pictures.  To register for my drawing, just leave a comment with a way to get back to you.  You -must- leave a comment before February 15th, as I will draw the winners then.

Here's the photo I picked:

This is a low resolution picture of it.  It will be in much higher resolution.  The picture was taken here in Montevideo, a few blocks from our house.  There are several species of birds in it, and I think it's a neat shot.

This is the second prize:

I stitched this a while back and never got around to making it into an ornament.  Now you get it made into one if you win.

And here is the final one:

I have the finishing materials for this; it will be going on a circular metal form.  I just finished it today, and I think the bargello came out pretty well.

Edited 2/7/10: I added a picture of the finished bargello ornament.  Now you know exactly how it will look!

Remember, if you want any of these, to leave a comment on this post before February 15th.  I'll be drawing a winner at nine in the morning Montevideo time on that day.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pay It Forward - Free Stuff

I posted about these on Vikki Clayton's forums, but someone wanted pictures. I really didn't want to have to scan them in just for that, so I did and put them here for others too. First asked, first given. I'll even plump for postage in the States and, depending on what you want, to other places. Just email me if you want something.

Edited 7/7 to add: New Stitches and Tiny Tim are taken.