Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Still More Flag

I've got blue on the flag now and it's exciting. Means I'm coming close to the top.

More Wise

Snowflake and the owl are more than half done. Getting close to the teacup.

In The Garden Stitchy Box

Started opening this one last week.


This is the crypt from yesterday's church. The place is, unlike most crypts, light and airy. It's not far underground at all. The main person buried here is a medieval bishop.

Monday, January 27, 2020


All the top part is done but for beads, and the alphabet is done too. Not all that much to go.

Almost All Snowflakes

Lots of trunk done on this, plus almost all the snowflakes. This is coming toward completion.

Independence Day Box

My Independence Day box is finally opened, several months late. Lots of great threads in it.


This was a random large church in Naples between our apartment and the tourist area. We decided to go in and take some photos. This batch is of the nave, with many murals and a lot of light.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Curlicues And Greens

More of this done, with a lot of green fill added. Even the outline is taking shape.

Two Left

I am so tired of working on this. Next time I get this fraught with a project, I'll abandon it.

Stitchy Box December

First fabric from Stitchy Box's subscription. A very useful color.

Gulash At Trombonita

We went to Tromonitsa more than once while in Budapest. It was easy to get to and had good food. I had more gulash. Andreas had broccoli soup and a weird chicken dish.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Christmas Stitchy Box

This is now opened, but here it is beforehand. I finished this well into January...

More Flag And Arm

Back into the flag again, with a bit more arm done. Trying to get this a bit farther.

Back In Rotation

This is back to the rotation. Most of one flower done, and a third yet to be started.

Bit Of Etno Kuca

One bit of Etno Kuca spread. The rest didn't get a photo this time.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


My bird has a key to wind it up. Lots of progress, but lots of back stitch to do.

One Head

I have one head of four done, but no tentacles yet.

Got A Christmas Gift

I asked for this for Christmas and Andreas got it for me! Now to finish up a few others so I can start this!

Giant Dinner at Liburnia

There were thirty of us in September when we went to Liburnia. Food was great, service was wonderful, and everyone got to try authentic Kosovo food.