Wednesday, October 25, 2023

All Tidy Now

The border makes this look a bit more finished, but there's still another part to go - little ornaments all the way around. At least I will get more of the special stitches done while doing that.


Brown Back Leg

More of the back filled in in yellow, and now a bit of brown back leg on this yellow guy.


Advent Calendar Box

Instead of my usual stitchy advent boxes, I decided to go with a stationery one this year.


Red Panda Purse

A little crossbody that fits a bit - but the pandas got digitally printed, and I think they printed the background pink. Still is cute.


Tirana in Sunlight


Tirana in daylight. Not quite as pretty as night.

Monday, October 23, 2023

All But the Border

Part 11's cross stitching is done except for the border. Things are coming along on this, but still a ways to go.



This little mandala is a poor color choice as the stitching fades into the background. Maybe I will restitch it in different colors.


Little Needlepoint Octagon

After finishing this, I gave it to a lady who was retiring after working more than 40 years here at the Embassy in Poland. I hope she liked it.


Swapped from Ohio

Dominique sent me this beautiful box of treats from Ohio. It had jalapeno treats for Leonora and Rico's for Andreas. Plus random stuff for me. Yay, thank you!


Meh Tirana Lunch

We stopped for lunch in a little shopping area inside the main citadel. The food was okay but not great. 


Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Both ears are done and now I'm beginning to work around more of the head. It's slow going, but at least it's progress.


Birthday Agenda

Leonora gave me this cute agenda. Now I don't have to look for one for next year. I love it. Thank you!


Throwing Star Finished

One of the double delights all framed. I'm glad I found these frames. They fit beautifully.


Almost Halfway Across Page

I am almost halfway across page three to finish it. Almost time to deal with my counting mistake again. Good news is that once I'm done with this page, it'll be much easier to deal with.


More Nighttime Tirana

This is the entrance to Bunk'ArtI at night. Looks pretty cool. Lots of Tirana looks fantastical at night.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

A Couple More Scales

More scales on the back of the helmet and working my way down again. Almost done with the spikes, too.


Owl in Frame

I have been doing a lot of framing on my own, and the latest project was this little owl.


Swooping Down

Worked on the left side this time. Got some swoopy leaves and flowers.


Return Gifts

Leonora's mom asked her to buy some chocolates for us, so Leonora picked some of our favorites for her return to Poland. Thank you, Leonora! 


Benningbrough Hall - Fantastic Skies

Andreas took these drone photos in the area of York when we were there almost two years ago. The skies are awesome.