Monday, July 31, 2023

Three Words Down

Lots more words to go, but it's started.



Chad, Andreas, and I went cherry picking. Chad liked the new area, but was belligerent to the barn cat. This place had -so many cherries- on every tree. I will be going again next year after I run out of dried cherries, brandied, cherries, cherry pie filling, and frozen cherries.


Redone Corners

The olive color looks so much better than the bright orange. And I got some pink done, too.


Valentine's Present

This was my Valentine's Day present to Andreas this year. It hangs happily in his office.


Amsterdam Airport Food

On our way back to the US we had a loooong layover in Amsterdam and decided to get some breakfast. This was what we had. It was pretty dang expensive, but at least they didn't stint on portions and it tasted decent.


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Head of a Yellow Frog

I have half a frog now, almost. It's kind of a cute one.


Snacks from Britain

All kinds of things from Britain, including coronation cookies. Yay!


Black Needle Society May

Lots of garden stuff in this box. And flamingo stuff too.


Last Pauna

Last time at Restaurant Pauna on the Kosovo restaurant tour. Pauna has some of the best atmosphere, but its food is only middling.


Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Pretty Flaky

All four snowflakes done. Time for something else.


Little Owl

I have almost all the upper half of this owl done, with the beading to go.


Little Bee Well


I used one of the little frames I picked up in India for this. I think it goes well. Already given as a gift.


I needed some hair bling.


Hotel Trofta Food

Nope, I don't like fish, but I love the atmosphere of Hotel Trofta, so we had to do it as part of our farewell tour. Lots of fish, but I had steak, and a wonderful spread. Everyone had a great time after the gin and raki tasting at Fron.