Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Konspira Restaurant

When we went to Wroclaw, we managed to get a table at Konspira Restaurant. The theme was interesting and the food delicious.


Organ and Surround

The Oliwa church is noted for its superior organ. Didn't get to listen to it, but it's large. The rest of the church is so pristine inside.


Friday, May 10, 2024

Hair or Headdress?

I think the headdress looks like long, blond hair. Maybe it will get better with everything added.


Arm and a Leg

Added some green to both the arm and the leg of this little frog. 


Pointing the Way

My compass rose is all done. I think it came out fairly well. Now to put it into a hoop.


Tree Finished

I finished my Christmas tree. Now I need to sit down and make it into a real ornament.


Bags and Backpack

A different backpack for the office. And more tote bags because I can always find a use for them as I try to get the exact color I love...