Monday, December 25, 2006

Round Robin

So, er, my husband can't tell the top from the bottom of a capital L? I think he was just in a hurry. Anyway, I've gotten more of this L done and should have it done in plenty of time to pass on on the 15th of January.

Christmas Tree

These are the pictures my husband took earlier this week of our Christmas tree. Almost all the ornaments on it are handmade - there are a few we keep that aren't for sentimental reasons. It's getting full of needlwork stuff and I think it looked good this year.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Just as I was on a roll with this, I ran out of Jap! So ... I ordered more from Tanja Berlin and it's already been shipped. It'll probably get here while I'm gone. This is getting pretty close to being finished. Over halfway there. I still like it, and was afraid when I started that I wouldn't.

Chatelaine WIPs

I got some done on all three of these. The one that shows the most progress is the Medieval Town Mandala - I'm almost halfway through with the leaves on the four sides. I should have the leaves done in the next week, except I have to drive for two days to another part of the country. Maybe, anyway. It'll be coming with me. For a little project, the mini Mandala is taking me quite a while. I think it's because I tend to put it off in favor of getting things like the panda done. And I'm not sure I'll -ever- finish this arch on the Midi Mystery. It keeps going on and on and on...

Present from my Secret Santa!

This year I participated in Chatelaine's Secret Santa. Mine went to someone else in New Jersey, but this one I received from someone in North Carolina. It's a bunch of Christmas-themed stash from European Cross Stitch. Isn't it pretty? I'm so grateful. Now I have to stitch a couple of Martina's Advent Kalendar designs on the fabrics.

More Ribbons and Roses

Well, I got more done on both parts of this. The strap is about 3-4 inches longer and the whole second line of beads is done on the main purse. At this rate, I'm going to have the purse done before the strap and I'll be an expert in peyote stitch by the time I'm done with this project. Anyway, I'm plugging away... it's good to feel like I've made progress on everything after the past few weeks.

Needlepoint Progress

I think I got more done on the bargello than I did on the auction despite actually working more on the auction piece. I'm still filling in the background on that first rectangle. It's about halfway done. On the bargello, I got the green diamonds done and all the long cross stitches around them and it seems to look nice. There really isn't -that- much more to go on it - just a set of arc stitches and the rose in the middle.