Saturday, January 28, 2023

23 for 2023 #10: Autumn Ornament by Helena Chatte

I completely changed up the colors on this, and I think it looks pretty good. Original was done on linen; I've changed to congress cloth.


Got a Pock

No pocket yet, just a pock.


Blackwork Ornament

One of my first finishes of 2023. I am hoping to get more things to a final stage this year. This one's going in my ornaments to give away box.


More Russian Junk

Literally junk, as it will never be used again.


Wall Decoration

Villa Arianna must have been truly bright and cheerful when it was occupied. There's so much color on the walls, and the windows made sure there was light during the day.


Shoe and Socks

The shoe is Ottoman because of its curved toe. And the socks are different Serbian designs.


Friday, January 27, 2023

23 for 2023 #2: Ink Spot #15 - Retreat Treat by Ink Circles

This should be a fairly quick and pretty stitch. Will make a good daily stitch later in the year.


On the Lower Jaw

Still more across; the color on this is a bit more yellow than in person. And once I get past this chin, it will go a lot quicker.


23 for 2023 #6: Have a Heart by Erica Michaels

I think this one is going to turn out beautifully.


Black Needle Society November 2022

I think I will make the athena in the background soon, and the floss is gorgeous.


Cadets on the March

A short video of cadets doing drill at MSPO.


Views of Rooms

These bits of Villa Arianna are left open because the roof was missing when excavated. It lets you see the architecture of the place and how they do archaeology on the site.


Serbian Sock Patterns

The Ethnological Museum in Belgrade had a whole gallery dedicated to - socks! Knitting patterns, examples, the works. It was kind of amazing that some curator studied this so thoroughly.  Andreas took photos of a lot of the pattern cards because I know I have a lot of sock knitter friends.