Sunday, December 21, 2014

Making Faces

I am mainly working on the top gargoyle heads now.  There's some progress, but it never looks like much because the stitches are so small.

Pizza Retreat From The Rain

 While waiting to go do our escape room puzzle, we decided to get out of the rain and do lunch.  There's a new Italian restaurant next to Yummie that we tried.  The place is very nicely decorated and they were baking cookies, so it smelled fantastic.  We were time crunched so we got basics. I had carpaccio and a salad, and Yvette and Andreas had pizzas.  My carpaccio was good, but not quite as good as Torro Grill's.  The salad was big and filling.  Both of them liked their pizzas, too.  Oh, and Andreas said his milkshake was unfortunately mostly air.

Perpetual Work

The poor mannequins in these dioramas work all the time without a break.  They never seem to get anything done, either!  Poor things.  They're using a lot of the kinds of equipment used in the mine.  The first guy has the worst job, though.  He's looking for pockets of methane.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

On A Roll

I have decided to finish this up so I can cross another thing off my crazy January list before the end of the year.  It's got some bit to go, but I've already done half.

The Hunter's Feast

 For Yvette's birthdaay we went back to Miod i Wino for the Hunter's Feast.  This meal is a production and worth its not insubstantial expense.  We started with mead again, of course.  The feast starts with soup - Andreas and Yvette had the sour rye soup again.  There were beets, mushrooms, pierogi, sauces, and more meat than imaginable.  The menu describes the meal as good for three to four people.  It's truly better for six, there's that much food.  As you can see from the antler photo, serving this meal is a production.  The waiter even had to put on a costume to wheel everything out.  So yes, it's a lot of food and beautiful, but how did it taste?  Everything was great, from the venison to the creamed mushrooms.  We loved it.  We'd definitely do it again.  If you're looking for a signature dinner in Krakow, I'd say this is the place to get it.

In Chapel

 This shows some of the damage that happens to salt with moisture over centuries.  The scene below is the story of how the mine was founded.  Evidently Queen Jadwiga asked her father for a salt mine for a dowry, and on her way to marry her Polish husband stopped at this place and told people to dig to find salt.  Since it's been shown the mine works were in place before her time ... it's a bit false.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Still Yummie

On a rainy day we went back to Yummie for lunch in Krakow.  I had pumpkin soup and steak salad.  Andreas had a burger and fries, of course.  They were both excellent, as usual.