Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Working On The Center

I have been working toward the middle, and I'm so close to being there.  This is another piece the spinner loves.

Village Jewelry

The Macedonian Village, a resort above Skopje, contains a few stores.  One of them is a silversmith.  We got this beautiful jewelry - all of it for under a hundred euros.  One of the sets is not mine, though, but a present for someone else.  We will be going back to that place.  It's a good place to relax for a weekend.

Bird Body

The spinner LOVED Indigo Bird.  It meant I got a lot done, but it's not a very interesting piece.  So it's resting for a bit after getting the whole body done.

Dinner At Casa Rita

Casa Rita is a very good restaurant near Germia park in Pristina.  Unfortunately, their bartender doesn't know how to mix drinks.  Other than that, the food is excellent.  This meal was a section farewell for Andreas' employee whose next post was Thailand.  There were ten of us and we had a very good time on their open terrace that has a view of the park and its mountain.  I had French onion soup and carpaccio, along with the cappucino pictured.  We had a BUNCH of appetizers, including a cheese tray.  Andreas' employees wouldn't let me pay for myself, so I have been paying them back in baked goods every week for the section meeting.  They grouse at Andreas and thank me.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Closer I Come

I am getting so close to finishing.  The mountains are about done and the tail is getting longer.

Ipsy September

Back to brown eye shadow.  At least the rest is pretty nice.  Like the look of the bag, too.

Do The Thing

Making this for a friend.  Using broadcloth quilting fabric and tentakulum thread.