Monday, June 05, 2023

Make Stuff May 2023 #14: Aurora Borealis by Riolis

This is going to be the Northern Lights over a lake and forest - well, it will be once I get it done.


Make Stuff May #8: Snowflakes by Riolis

Before I opened this, I didn't realize it was plastic canvas. So I started anyway, but it's a bit of tough going with the plastic. These are several separate snowflakes to cut out and hang.


Snacks from Leonora

Leonora went to visit Germany to see Njomza. She came back with a bunch of snacks, knowing we like to try things from different places. Thank you, Leonora!


Another Given Scarf

Another quick stitch scarf given away over the winter.


The Best Macarons Ever

Leonora made these macarons, and they were so good I can still taste them in my dreams.


Sunday, June 04, 2023

Half Flaked

Almost exactly half a snowflake now. I like the non-traditional colors.


Monochrome Scarf

This scarf got gifted over the winter and was put to use.