Saturday, September 20, 2014

Almost To The Edge

Just a bit more sky and I will be to the far edge of this piece.

Eating At Peles

One of the gatehouses of the palace has been turned into a restaurant concession.  It's called Turm (Tower), and it's very overpriced and under expectations.  We had these four items plus water.  It cost us far more than any other meal in Romania.  The gulash was watery.  The meat plate was passable.  The salad - well, there -were- fresh raspberries for sale just outside the restaurant door, but the cook decided to use frozen ones - that weren't even nearly thawed.  Yuck!  Really?  Andreas' penne arrabiata was okay, but it wasn't very spicy.  Overall a very disappointing lunch.  If there was somewhere else to eat there, we would have.

Friday, September 19, 2014

At The Lodge

The view from the ski lodge above Brasov is magnificent.  So is the view of the ski lodge.

New Square

I've got a new square type done, and it's got a bit of bling.

Art Deco On Display

Evidently Queen Marie painted a lot, and there's a bit about her in the manor house where her studio was.  The main draw, though, was the art deco furniture and styling of the place.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dingy Looking

This picture does not look like the pretty pristine white of the piece itself.

My Rasnov

Photos from my point and shoot of Rasnov fortress.  I also have, at the bottom, a couple of pictures of the train that pulls you up to it and back down.