Monday, July 06, 2015

Branching Out

The tines of my fleur-de-lis are coming into existence.  I should have this one finished this month, I think.

Pretty Pansies

Pretty and dimensional pansies on the side of this building look so cute with the ivy growing between them.

Putting Aside For A Bit

I have decided to work only on things I truly love while on my move.  To forward this idea, I am putting Butterfly Vignette aside for a while.  I've grown tired of it even though I'm at least half way through.  So it's going aside and I am pulling something else out for the rotation.

Another Lindner Afghan

The Lindners are having their second baby this tour  Here's the second afghan I've made for them!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Evening Out

The parts of the maze are getting more even side to side.  They're also getting closer to the middle.  The right side pipe is even past the middle!

Odessa's Book and Bicycle Bar

 We decided to stop in at the terrace of the restaurant with the bicycles around it during our first evening in Odessa.  The drinks were top notch.  The food, not so much.  I started out with a mojito.  We were given a free bouche of bread with babaganoush.  The salads were good.  It was the hot food that was the problem.  It was just bland and uninspired.

At the bottom you can see our flight of twelve different tinctures - homemade type liquors in different flavors.  My absolute favorite was the raspberry.  Andreas rounded things off with a chocolate shake.

Saturday, July 04, 2015


I spent pretty much the full week stitching the Pisa triangle, but it's done.  Now all four cities are done and I can just work on the last quarter of the border.