Sunday, February 05, 2023

On to the Big Leaves

Central little leaves done, and now it's time to do the last big elements.


Bottom of Gargoyles

I have a feeling of progress now, as the gargoyle at the left has reached its bottom row. Still a lot to go, but at least a bit of real meaning to progress.


Military Bikes

Bikes for sale at MSPO. All ruggedized for getting around terrain. Lots of bikes have been used in Ukraine.


23 for 2023 #9: Four Small Snowflakes

This is the first of four little snowflakes that will be arranged in a square.


Cute Cookie

Really liked the look of this cookie. It tasted great too. Traditional gingerbread.


Pattern Studies

Patterns and studies for inspiration later.


Model Houses

Models of different traditional architectural styles found around Serbia.