Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Peacock Finish!

This is a gift for a friend, and I need to get it framed and sent to her once she settles in her new home.  Once I finished the month of Linen and Threads, this became my daily project - and it went very quickly indeed.  I still have almost half a month left.  Maybe I'll get something else done this month.

Seasonal Streets Restart

It's kind of hard to pick out the white stitches from the background, but they're there.  Now that I'm on the correct side of the fabric, maybe I'll feel better about working on it - correctly!

Hospital Breakfast

In late May I was admitted to The London Clinic for a blood clot in my leg and anemia.  I know, weird to have both at once, right?  Maybe it was the anemia that caused the blood clot, as there weren't enough cells to push through.  Anyway, food.  The London Clinic lets you order food! As much as you want, and no real restrictions - it was even possible to order wine and beer (at an extra cost).  Since I didn't know about anything, I ordered several things and ate bits and pieces.  The Greek yogurt was unflavored, so I used some of the blackberry jam in it.  And toast and croissant and a cheese and fruit tray and eggs and bacon and... even oatmeal.  Once I learned to order extra milk for the oatmeal, it was very good.  The food is presented in an appetizing way and the kitchen staff is very nice.  If I had to be in a hospital, I'm glad this one was chosen.

Monday, July 16, 2018

June/July Done

I am done with June and July now.  To me, this still looks a bit clownish with the wide variety of colors.  I am waiting for August to see if I continue or no.  It's just not my style.

Working In Red

Still am doing a lot of red maze-y stuff right now, but next time will end up switching to do more blue too.  Maybe I'll even break out the green for the interstitial places.

One More Glossy

This glossy box seemed to be all about making glowy skin.  I've used the Lancome cream and like it, though I only use it on my cheeks and use other moisturizers for the rest.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Inner Square Done

The inner square is done and I've started on the middle.  The border makes it look a bit less pop artish.