Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bits Of Background

I am getting some pretty large chunks of background done on the right side.  It seems to look a little less bare.

Just Starting The Third

I am now officially on the third corner.  Go me!

Breakfast At Creme De La Creme

Weekend breakfast at Creme de la Creme is an adventure when wasps attack and there are toddlers around.  It doesn't take away from the quality of the food, though!

Outside Peles

 Our last photos of Peles are of the grounds right outside the castle itself.  It's not that large an area, as Peles is in the town of Sinaia.  The area is very pretty, though.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Up On The Hilltop

All one color at the moment filling in the hill.

Home Theater Peles Style

Peles Castle has its own home theater.  It's a real theater with a backstage, a stage, an orchestra, and seating.  I guess this is just old style.

Filling In Boxes

I am filling in boxes on the top bar as I get a bit more done.