Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tender Heart

I made a good start on Tender Heart by Riolis.  It's about a fifth done!  

Yup, Still Black

I am still filling in with lots of black, but you can see the progress because Andreas took the photo instead of me.

Handwoven Cotton

An NGO came in to the Mumbai consulate to sell stuff, and I found this beautiful handwoven shawl.  It's well over 150 threads per inch and whisper thin.  The colors shimmer.  Of course, this has the same problem as my other shawls at the moment - the cat.  Argh.


I bought these three shawls in Mumbai.  All are soft and pretty, but out of different materials.  I'd get them out of packaging and wear them here, but my husband has decided to keep letting the cat into our adjoining closet on his side.  I hate cats.  And I hate cat fur on things I want to wear.  He doesn't get that, so they stay packaged until I can get away from this dreadful house in this dreadful place and enjoy wearing what I want to wear without cat hair.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Amethyst Ring

A silver ring with an amethyst.  I just thought it looked nice, and it wasn't overpriced.


This is my largest Stitch Maynia start so far.  It's Resilienza by AAN.  

Small Purse

One of the groups that came into the Mumbai consulate was selling these cute, but very small, backpack purses.  I was taken with the color of this one.