Sunday, June 26, 2016

Most Of The Canopy

Looking at the chart, I'm almost done with this.  Go me!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Julep Unboxing

 Julep is primarily a nail polish company, but they have a monthly make up collection box, too.  I've gotten tired of ipsy showing up one out of four months because of random ORM-D labels.  So I tried Julep.  So far, I like what I am seeing.

Still On The Left

I'm back at the point where what I do looks almost invisible.  The background area on the left grew a bit more, but that's it.

Not As Good

While at the baseball game a couple of weeks ago, we had Diamond Club tickets  I was not disappointed in the food, but I was disappointed in the ambiance and service.  The staff was friendly but overworked.  Table service for drinks was spotty at best.  The overall decor was not what you would expect for a premium area - plastic seats and plain, cheap, square tables.  It in no way compares to the Texas Rangers' Capital One Club.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flowers And Swirls

I'm working my way on this.  It has become my daily project as of Monday.  I'm almost done, and I have to say I'm disappointed in the kit materials and instructions.  The materials were all the wrong colors and I couldn't even match anything to the bright red in the cover photo  The same thing happened with the threads.  On the other side, it looks pretty good even with all the not following the instructions

Proud Dragon

I feel proud of all the stitching I got done on this while it was on its two weeks of being the daily stitch.  I have a much prouder dragon now and am very close to having the first two pages complete.

New Game

Andreas decided it was time for a new game, and he decided to indulge my chemistry nerd.  I think we're taking this with us on safari next week.