Monday, March 02, 2015

Leafing Out

I've got some of the leaves outlined.  The blue adds a lot of punch to the piece, I think, and makes it look better.  Now to start some more fill.  The flower is the biggest single part of the piece, so it feels like I have less to go.


Yay, I'm down to the green parts.  It's almost done now.  It's so close to done.

Topping The Sandwich

After not finding the dolphinarium (I let Andreas do all the map work), we decided to eat at Top Sandwich, a chain in Ukraine.  It's not only got sandwiches, it's expanded to sushi, stir fry, and pizza.  We had the meat appetizer plate after being served glintwein (me) and kompot (Andreas).  Wasn't the best selection, but I've seen worse.  Andreas had a hamburger and I had fried chicken in teriyaki sauce.  They were kind of surprised when I asked for some soy sauce to go with it.  It's chain food, about the level of Applebee's.  Not bad, not excellent.  We'll probably go again.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Going Violet

My second square is started - February violets.  This one has a lot more stitches in it than the carnations, and a lot more color changes.  Trudging away on it, though.

Lunch At Kompot

Yay! We are allowed to go to Ukraine now!  This meant that as soon as possible, we popped over the border to Odessa overnight.  When we got there, we had lunch at Kompot.  Kompot is one of our favorite places, and so I had the daily special.  It was three stuffed cabbage leaves with three different kinds of meat stuffings.  I was full after one and a half.  Andreas had the meatballs.  His used the same meats, but the sauce was different.  Anyway, they were great tasting on a chilly day.  For dessert we had one of my favorites- cherry ravioli.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

To The Middle

The arch is the top middle of the piece.  That means progress!  So far, it's all make the outline then fill it in.  Filled in part of the lower area then made the outline of the arch.  At least it's a different color.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Au Revoir For Now

I am putting this away for a bit because I'm working on too many large projects at the moment.  I hope to pick it up again in a couple of months.  For now, I've got a good start and have learned a bit from working on it.