Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Krakow Watercolors

We bought these prints at the main square in Krakow, and MolDeco did a great job framing them!

Peas In Bloom

This particular square is still going quickly.  I'm hoping to have it finished in time to start May on May first.

Another Level Done

The gridding is done all the way across  the top.  Time to work down again.

Temari - Been A While

I am making this temari for two reasons - for a friend who's going through a difficult time and because Talk Temari is going through kiku variations.  I like the look of this so far.

Working On The Sky

I am officially done with the first part.  It's on to the second and some leaves and clouds.

Firefly Prints

We're big Firefly fans and Andreas found these prints of original art somewhere.  He bought  them and we got them framed.  They're all the same size and framed the same way.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Still Leafing

This second leaf is pretty dense, stitchwise, so I'm still working on the first level of the blackwork pattern.  Hopefully I'll have it filled soon.