Monday, November 24, 2014

From The Salt Mine

Surprisingly, we got salt from the salt mine - both salt we mined ourselves and salt to eat.  I also got a shot glass.  We ended up with two salt grinders because we bought the plastic one first and it broke first use.  Sad face.  It may look great, but it's cheaply constructed.  The wooden one works!  All the rocks below are salt we took out of the mine on our trip.  It's edible, too.


I seem to finally be getting back on track with finishes.  I have one!  Borleaux from Needle Delights is done and ready to be worked up into a large ornament for a colleague.

Wings And Sky

The butterflies are truly beginning to look like butterflies now, and the sky is coming along nicely.  I even got more grass done.


I showed you some photos of the storks we saw in Romania before.  Those were taken with my point and shoot.  Here are some much better photos from Andreas' DSLR.  At first, we didn't realize they were real storks because they don't move much.  They are, though, and they sit on top of lots of telephone poles looking very comfortable - up to five or six per nest.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pretty Yarn

While in Poland I needed a little to go project when on tour buses.  I found this yarn at a little shop off the main square and started making a cowl.

Barring Some

I've been working on connector bits instead of starting in on a new motif this time.  I believe I will start a leaf next time I work on this.

On The Third Egg

I have begun to get the hang of these with this third egg.  It's coming along quickly, too.