Thursday, May 13, 2021

Macedonian Nachos?

I was given this gift of chips, ajvar, and cheese by the Macedonian doctors who came for the vaccination clinic. This was in return for giving them strawberry jam. They said they dip the chips in the ajvar. So I thought nachos. Not what I normally do with ajvar...

One Nib

I have one nib started. This will not take long, I think. 


Peer Reviewed

This is officially done. It came out all right, I think. And I got it done in time.

Macedonian Band

We ended up in Skopje on Macedonian Independence Day. This band set up and played just outside the Marriott, which is on Alexander Square. It was weird.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Little Center Dragons

Two and a half little dragons in the center done. Means I'm about halfway.


The Whole Quartet

All four crocuses done, and now gifted, too! I think it came out pretty good.


Leonora Made Delicious Dinner!

Dessert was delicious, along with the rest of the huge meal. Leonora treated us after a long day at work. We were thankful and loved eating it. A lot of the recipes came from her mom!