Friday, February 27, 2015

Au Revoir For Now

I am putting this away for a bit because I'm working on too many large projects at the moment.  I hope to pick it up again in a couple of months.  For now, I've got a good start and have learned a bit from working on it.

March On Georgia

We went to Tblisi restaurant with a large group of people in January.  Because we were a large group, we did a pre-ordered group menu.  The fresh everything was really good, and they have one of the best grilled meat bargains around.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Topping It Off

I've decided from here on out to work top down.  This is the upper border in progress.  Maybe things will go faster this way?

St. George

I saw this kit and thought of Andreas' love of St. George, so I bought it.  I'll put it in my suitcase when I move, and will have a big project to work on while I wait for my stash.

Lots Of Blue

I started back up on Snowfall.  It's kind of slow going because paper is harder to cross stitch on than linen.  Ah well - it's time to get it done.  I do want to complete a bunch of small projects before we move.  That way I'll have fewer WIP's sitting at the dock in Luanda or Brussels for months.

On To Nobil

Had a group lunch at Nobil Hotel on Martin Luther King Day.  It was a good experience, and it's still nearly unbelievable that you can get food of this quality plus a drink for 150 lei (around $9).  This special is only on weekdays at lunch, but it's still spectacular.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015