Friday, April 30, 2021

Two More Bigs

After all the small squares recently, I've gotten two big ones done. Yay for more than halfway!

Little Floral Bookmark

This is a perfect size for a bookmark. It'll be turned into one soon.


Fab Fit Fun Spring 2021

Andreas tells me I have too many bento boxes. He lies.


Chad In The Grass

Sometimes Chad shows pure joy, like in this photo. He's been loving being out in the yard and the grass.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pearl Cotton Difficulty

The pearl cotton I'm using is a bit big for the fabric. It makes it difficult to pull things through.


Golden Mandala by cozyblue handmade - Work From Home #26 2021

The thread for this was supposed to be golden, but I decided to do contrast instead.


Little Earrings

These were a bit harder to do since no instructions. So I made something of them. I hope they stay put.


Grayson The Silly

Grayson looks a bit derpy and then a bit exasperated during a photo session. He is an emo dog.


Monday, April 26, 2021

Cozyblue February

Another cute design for embroidering. I am thinking of doing it soon.


White On, Third Frog

Working on the gray and white of the third (blue) frog as his underbelly gets worked on.


Done With The Big Part

These smaller letters take a lot less time. I think I am progressing quickly now!


Grayson And The Flowers

Andreas bought some pansies. Before I planted them in window boxes, Grayson posed with them. Because he's a sensitive boy and loves flowers too.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

Half Plus Three

Half the area stitched plus three small squares on the left. If the spinner would be nicer, this would be closer. I feel the need to finish it anyway.


Working On The Hill

The hill is coming along. Since I'm using the gray letters that I know are on the right count, the hill should line up well eventually.

Cards From Nahsheen

Nahsheen made these cards for me; in return, I made her a hoop of embroidery. We're thinking of running an exchange for the group we belong in soon.


Sunny Carol

Even Carol likes a little sunshine on her black heart sometimes. Here she is guarding the front door, not letting anyone pass.


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Little Berries

The little berries in the middle of each quarter have popped up.


Half The Fun by Ink Circles - Work From Home #25 2021

A new Ink Circles design from the Black Needle Society box I got early this month. This is all bits and pieces that go, somehow.


Body Scrub

This five minute mixing project was in one of the For The Makers boxes.


Chad In Front

The branches are an impromptu fort the dogs claimed. Chad is inspecting it.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Blue Personality

The blue frog is big enough now to have a personality. He seems a bit anxious, for some reason. Maybe because he can fall?


Almost Three Big Words

The big words are the largest chunk of this piece. And I have almost all of them done. The rest should go more quickly.

Black Needle Society Box

I subscribed to this last year, so it's still not breaking my self imposed stash diet. This only comes every other year, but it's big. I have new things to do and a bunch of little things  to play with.


Long Legged Tiny Carol

A lot of Carol traits in this photo - anxiety, long legs, still wanting to be friends, not quite sure of anything.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Fire And Air

Yay, the top half of this is done!


Third Flowering

This is getting to the point where it will be a daily stitch to get it done soon. I like crewel. It goes so much more quickly.


Stitchybox Birthday Bash Box Opened

This was several months late, but it's here and opened and now I can make that bee up top right.


A Socially Distanced Meeting

The puppies plot their takeover of the household. That's silly; they already run it.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Getting Hopeful

When I am done with this last, started, tree, there are three more parts to go. They don't look huge. I am beginning to get hopeful I will finish this.


Down To The Bottom

I have now officially hit the bottom row. I -think- I'm about halfway done, overall. The piece is slowly taking shape.


Lots Of White

There is so much white on this! But it's hooped up now and gifted to a good home.


Grayson The Short

Top down like this, Grayson looks smaller than he is.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Officially Over Halfway

Three boxes past the halfway point. Yay! I think it's looking pretty good so far.


Almost All The Dates

I am almost done with the last year's date. Yay! That's a lot of progress, as the last panel doesn't have a date in it.