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Saturday, September 15, 2012

More On The Foreign Service

Two more articles on foreign service life that might give others a bit more as to what diplomats go through:,1


These articles don't go into daily life - the small things like getting (or not getting) packages from home, the way the milk tastes different, and how you can't get certain things common in the US.  We do, as a whole, have it a lot easier than earlier generations: the internet means we can watch US sports and listen to US music and stay in contact with family and friends much more easily than even ten years ago.

It's still hard to go to a foreign country not knowing the language and be expected to walk into a grocery store and buy supplies within a few hours of getting off the plane - especially in a country where you stick out like a sore thumb or have to follow local dress that you're unfamiliar with.  Unlike the military, we're expected to live off the economy and in a house in town in most places.  It's got its benefits and its drawbacks, but I wouldn't change my lifestyle for anything.

Friday, September 14, 2012

About Foreign Service Life

The BBC article in the link above is about diplomatic life and some of its restrictions.  We're lucky in that we live in a low threat post, and our previous one was too.  Andreas post before that was not low threat - it was a war zone at the time - and the security was much, much higher.

The main danger to us here in Moldova is traffic accidents.  People drive rattletraps, violate almost every traffic law, and drive drunk or while talking on their cell phones.  Usually all at the same time.

US citizens living overseas are -always- targets.  We're stable, easy to find, and have routines.  We're more accessible here than in the US.  Diplomats are merely more high value targets.  

This is one reason diplomats get some of the benefits (but by no means all of them) that the military get.  

Just a little note to help you all understand life in the foreign service.