Friday, February 15, 2019

Dog Box

This is one of my latest boxes from StitchyBox. I am working on the Valentines one, so this will be next.

New Motif

I finished the top band and am now working on the second motif area. The left side will be more alphabet.

More Cowbell

Started on the second corner of bells.

Hotel Tapas

After I got out of the hospital last May, the embassy put me up at the Melia White House. Very nice place. This was the tapas offered the first night at the executive lounge. They had wine and beer, too.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Space Pens!

NASA and a pen maker get together and we must buy the result. They're very nice pens!

Round And Round

Red and blue round and round making little squares.

Time To Line

Sylvester is getting eight boxes around him. That's a lot of stitching for such a short month..

What Could Be More German...

than listening to 99 Luftballoon at a lefty peace rally in Mainz?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January Snow

Snow! Mattie was so happy. This was our deepest snow this year so far. Our backyard  view is pretty good.

Going Up

It feels good to have a line of stitching all the way across. I'm happy this is coming along, but I wish it'd be spun more often on the randomizer.

Corner Started

Corner started, that must mean progress! And I get to use new colors, too!

Mainz Lunch

We decided to explore Mainz on our last weekend in Germany last spring. We stopped at a stube off the main drag where there was an open air market. My schnitzel was good and Andreas always loves a wurst.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Engraved Scissors

Andreas gave me engraved kiddie Fiskars for Christmas! He thought I had too many regular kiddie scissors to warrant another classroom set, so he got these. They're surprisingly sharp.

Side Flowers

I am slowly getting done with this. The random number generator hasn't been as kind to this as it once was. At least it's progressing.

German Steak On A Stone

I cannot find the name of this restaurant, but it's outside Frankfurt. It had a wonderful steak on a stone, and we were outside enjoying the weather in late May. The place was recommended by one of Andreas' class instructors. Food was excellent and service spectacular.

Four Boxes

The fourth box of the elders is almost done, meaning the third square is almost done. I do love  the puns.

Monday, February 11, 2019

One And A Half

One and a half trees done and it's looking like a sea of green. Maybe one day there will be other colors.

Arched And Bargelloed

Working on scotch stitch squares in a line now to get this done. 

Kitchen Stash Box

More stash to open by the day.

Dim Sum With Dima

Chicken feet and other delicacies at the dim sum place in Frankfurt. As usual, we were the only non-Asions. Food was good, though!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Leafing Out

The big leaf is almost done and I've started a couple of the smaller ones, too. I still like the look of this a lot.

Working On Swirls

Now that I've got it all the way across, it's time to work on filling in. Time to finish the swirls on the right.

Reddit Gift

For the last few years, I've participated in the Reddit Christmas Gift Exchange. This year, I received this book from a total stranger. It's a good book AND one I don't have in my library.

Fantasy Castle

This little castle is outside Stuttgart. It's got a great view. It's also, for a castle, new. This was never a fort - it was built as a retreat in the late 1800's.

Three Gated

Three of the gates are done and most of the middle motif is done, too. I must be making progress!

Basically Bordering

Next time I will be able  to start on a corner motif. For now, I get more border done.

Gifted Purse

This lovely purse was given me by Andreas' parents. It's gorgeous quilting, fabric, and construction. I'm afraid to use it for fear of getting it dirty. Thank you.