Monday, May 30, 2022

Cozyblue April

Not sure that I like the yellow background, but maybe it will grow on me when I start stitching.


Blue Morpho by Ink Circles: Make Stuff May #4

I started this one. It's a piece I've wanted to do for a while. Now to find more time.


Make Stuff May #5: Athens by Awesome Pattern Studio

My first city started. I have several of these I bought in February.


Last Yamas

The last dinner in Meteora this trip was back to Yamas. It seemed to be the best to our taste in Kalampaka. We enjoyed ourselves.


Acropolis View

This is the view from the Acropolis museum balcony. There's a restaurant on it, too, so you can sit and enjoy it for a while.


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Coming To The Belly

Time to finish up this swirl and give the dragon a belly.


Superior Bees by Summer House Stitche Works: Make Stuff May #1

All three colors are already in use. The chart is cute, and the fabric is a couple shades darker than the photo.



We went to Pella earlier this month as part of our road trip to Greece. The place is -huge-. Most of it has been reburied. Pella was the birthplace of Alexander the Great and capital of the Macedonian empire. Until the Romans destroyed it in the 150's BC. Because they destroyed it at that time, it's still relatively intact. Pella is why they know so much about Greek daily life from the period.


This restaurant was in walking distance of our apartment and was recommended by our tour guide. The did have a lot of fresh ingredients and it tasted good. 


Models And Figures

These are models and reconstructions of items found around the Acropolis. The small things are definitely real. Big? Maybe. But they were all damaged.


Friday, May 27, 2022

Sue Spargo Stash

I figure this will help keep me busy while I'm trapped in a hotel room...for months.


Little Swirls

So far, these oregano leaves are rather abstract.


More Panorama Restaurant

While the food was overpriced, it was still good. And it was served pretentiously, too.