Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Half A Man

I have half a baseball player. Progress, yes?

Cute Face

The owl has a cute face coming out. Only the head done so far.

Butterfly Burn Out

I am already getting burned out on the butterflies. There are twenty of them around the border. But I will plow through.

Dinner At Lisa's

Lisa's is a relatively new restaurant in Pristina. I hope it sticks around, as the food and service are excellent.

Still More Mosaics

Can you tell I was fascinated by these mosaics? I want to go back and design some embroideries around them.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Three Areas Done

Three areas done now on this, and it's about to be a daily project for a bit.

It's Dress

More dress was done this time. I am working up to the head and shoulders soon.

Back To Liburna

Another set piece Liburna dinner. Not so fond of their qebaps but I like pretty much everything else.

More Magnificent Mosaics

The mosaics are the best part of the archaeology museum in Naples. These were in a collection and it was exciting to be able to see all the detail and art.